Man or Beast? Metal Vocal Challenge: Lorna Shore’s Will Ramos

You’ve heard a deathcore vocalist do a pig squeal over blast-beats, but have you actually ever heard a real pig squeal over blast beats? Would you be able to spot the difference? That’s the challenge we posed to Lorna Shore vocalist Will Ramos — one of the most animalistic, nightmarishly fiendish frontmen in extreme music — in a game we call “Man or Beast?” Can this deathcore expert identify whether the vocal he’s hearing is a goregrind screamer or an angry grizzly bear? A Dying Fetus breakdown or a distressed camel?

Watch above to see how many Ramos got right — and which ones he got wrong. Play along and let us know how many you got right (and wrong) in the comments below!

Backing tracks by White Bat Audio, R H, Dismentopia, JM Recordings and anders.


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