CURRENT 93 ‎– The Light Is Leaving Us All (fvll albvm)

The Light Is Leaving Us All (2018) is an album by British experimental music group Current 93. It was released on 13 October 2018 through The Spheres record label and House of Mythology. The album was performed in its entirety on 13 October 2018 in a rare performance at O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire in London, backed by a series of slow-moving films by Davide Pepe in the style of the album’s artwork.

The Light Is Leaving Us All has received generally positive reviews from critics. Writing for Brainwashed, Anthony D’Amico praised the album, stating it “effortlessly transcends time and space and dissolves reality to open a fleeting portal into an alternate world swirling with unknowable mystery, unearthly beauty, and ineffable sadness. At its best, this album feels like a motley and wild-eyed caravan of minstrels, actors, and puppeteers unexpectedly appeared in a medieval town to share a vividly haunting, hallucinatory, and deeply eschatological fairy tale that will be the last thing that any of the villagers ever hear.” Writing for Pitchfork, Calum Marsh called it “an arduous but rewarding album, the feeling of listening to a preacher behind the pulpit, or a doomsayer on the soapbox.”

Source: Wikipedia


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