CURRENT 93 – Soft Black Stars (1998)

Soft Black Stars (1998) is an album by Current 93. The title refers to an image found in “Teatro Grottesco”, a story by Thomas Ligotti. Virtually all of the music on this album was written and adapted by Michael Cashmore, David Tibet and Maja Elliott, with the exception of “Judas as Black Moth”, “A Gothic Love Song” and “Whilst The Night Rejoices Profound And Still”; the music for these songs was written by Michael Cashmore. Almost all of the songs feature only David Tibet’s lyrics accompanied by minimalistic piano music: with the exception of “Judas as Black Moth” which is solo piano and “Chewing on Shadows” consist of drones, piano, guitar and David Tibet’s singing. The artwork was made by David Tibet. “Chewing on Shadows” was released in a different form on vinyl and it was included in the album’s CD re-issue in 2005. In 2003, a live album was released called Some Soft Black Stars Seen Over London which contained live versions for seven of the album’s songs. In 2017 a sheet-music version was released, including all the piano and vocal parts from the original recording.

“Soon enough my thoughts will lose all clarity, and I will no longer be aware that there was ever a decision to be made. The soft black stars have already begun to fill the sky.”
  1. Judas as Black Moth
  2. Larkspur and Lazarus
  3. A Gothic Love Song
  4. Mockingbird
  5. Soft Black Stars
  6. It is Time, only Time
  7. AntiChrist and Barcodes
  8. The Signs in the Stars
  9. Whilst the Night Rejoices Profound and Still
  10. Moonlight, or Other Dreams, or Other Fields
  11. Judas as Black Moth II
  12. Chewing on Shadows

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