Las Ligas Menores is an Argentine indie rock band, composed of Anabella Cartolano (vocals and guitar), Pablo Kemper (vocals and guitar), Micaela García (drums), Nina Carrara (keyboards and choirs), and Angie Cases Bocci (bass).

http://KEXP.ORG presents Las Ligas Menores performing live, recorded exclusively for KEXP.


  1. Hice todo mal
  2. La nieve
  3. Peces en el mar
  4. A 1200 km

Session co-produced by the Ministry of Culture of Argentina and recorded at the Kirchner Cultural Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina
Director: Gonxalo Alipaz
Assistant Director: Lautaro Sostillo
Editor: Pat Perez
Color Grading: Andy González
Audio Recorded by Martín Gorosito at the Centro Cultural Kirchner
Mixing by Felipe Quintans at the Resto del Mundo
Stage: Martín Caballero
Drum doctor: Luciano Esain
Artistic production: Centro Cultural Kirchner
Technical Production: Centro Cultural Kirchner

Las Ligas Menores:
Anabella Cartolano
Nina Carrara
Pablo Kemper
Angeles Cases Bocci
Micaela García


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