FAITH NO MORE – Black Friday

“Black Friday” is taken from FNM’s last album, Sol Invictus (2015). The music video depicts scenes of consumerist mass hysteria during Black Fridays all over the world.

This is only a test
One, two, whatcha gunna do
Three, four, five, twisting your arm and your eye
You will buy
Step right up, donate a memory
To the bank of love, that could loan you your day dreams
Buy it
Buy it
Black Fridays come and go
Buy me a future regret
A shrink-wrapped fantasy
That I won’t forget
In an age of the mercenary
In the same home where the river swallows the sea
That’s where we’ll be
With guns
Buy it
Into the age
Of scrutiny and the grandest frappe
We’ll I ain’t gunna break
Trimming the tree
I can hang
I won’t swing
It’s only a test (buy it)
Won’t grandma sing (buy it)
Upon your children’s graves (buy it)
Hear the angels sing
(All the zombies walk on black Friday)
It’s a ride at the salad bar
Predatory lenders
Safari missions far
But you paid for them
To kill your mom
Buy it
Go now (buy it)
(This is only a test)


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