Making of Current 93/HÖH “Island” – Iceland (1986)

An assortment of images from our trip to Iceland in the summer of 1986, when the first recordings for the Current 93/HÖH album “Island” were made. The original telecine footage is lost, this is from the U-Matic offline copy with timecode. There’s a spot on the lens, and the Sugarcubes concert footage is mostly out of focus, but I’m putting it here just for the sake of historical interest.

With: Rose, Drew & Keri McDowall, David Tibet, James “Foz” Foster, Mel Jefferson, Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson, Sjón, Einar Örn, Akiko Hada, Ragna, Hubert Nói.

Camera by David Dawson.

NOTE: I got Rose & Drew McDowall’s daughter’s name WRONG in the titles: He’s called KERI McDOWALL. (Unfortunately I can’t replace the video with the corrected version.) APOLOGIES!

The soundtrack is “Falling”, the opening track of the album, with backing vocals by Björk and myself (Akiko Hada)


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