The Illegal Rise of Spotify (docvmentary)

SPOTIFY: The Pirates Who Saved / Killed Music (The Illegal Rise of Spotify) — Welcome to the INSANE story of Spotify. We look at how Spotify nearly failed before it even launched, how Spotify got locked in an ongoing battle with both record labels and artists, and finally how Spotify regained leverage by changing their business model. Now, Spotify is actually quite a powerful force in the music industry with a lot more control, which means there are several controversial issues for us to look at in the Spotify Story – including Spotify’s history with fake streams, and its plans to become a central hub for podcasts.

Here on MagnatesMedia I bring you business stories. Today, we’re looking at how Daniel Ek started Spotify, and what a huge impact Spotify has had. However if you enjoy this look into Spotify’s history, check out some of the other business origin stories on MagnatesMedia!

⌛ Chapters:
00:00 Prologue
01:16 Daniel Ek’s Backstory
02:32 Part 1: How Spotify Began
04:06 Part 2: The Illegal Rise of Spotify
10:56 Noom Sponsorship
12:00 Part 3: The Precarious Economics of Spotify

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