From Theater of Mineral NADEs (1998)

Theater of Mineral NADEs was released in 1998 on John Zorn’s Tzadik Records, as part of the Composer Series.

CMJ New Music Monthly reviewer Randall Roberts stated: “On Theater Kang creates both minimal glimpses and lush portraits, blending seemingly disparate musics; mandolins and tablas intertwine, harmoniums, violins, synthesizers and cellos flutter simultaneously. Experienced as a whole, Theater of Mineral NADEs runs like one long quasi-cinematic experience, as though a narrative is running through the music and telling its own story.” AllMusic music critic Stacia Proefrock wrote: “Theater of Mineral NADEs does not reach as far as some of Kang’s previous work, but he also manages to succeed at nearly everything he tries on this album. It is a well executed, thoughtful piece.”

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