WE’VE GOT COMPANY: Marc Rebillet feat. Tenacious D

Marc Rebillet‘s show We’ve Got Company, which has been airing on Amazon Music‘s Twitch channel over the past few months, aired its season one finale last week. Marc hosted none other than fellow musician-comedians Jack Black and Kyle Glass, aka Tenacious D.

During the episode, which was a 2-hour special, Marc had a couple of hilarious jam sessions with the infamous duo. They also had some really entertaining conversations and played games that included a gnarly round of Twister. The closing part of the finale shows Marc and Tenacious D partying with the whole crew of the show, and also features a cameo from one of Marc’s frequent collaborators, Reggie Watts.

The episode currently lives on YouTube thanks to uploader vinyl stynyl. You can check out the finale in its entirety below. The jam sessions take place at 35:40 and 1:37:00. Enjoy!