Nyttårskonserten: Carmen – Czardas – STIAN CARSTENSEN

Vittorio Monti: Czardas
Farmers Market: Norge-Bulgaria 10-11
Pablo de Sarasate: Carmen Fantasy Op. 25

Stian Carstensen (soloist): Accordion, Bulgarian Kaval (flute), Pedal steel guitar.
Conductor: Peter Sebastian Szilvay
Concertmaster: Kolbjørn Holthe

I. Czardas
II. Norge-Bulgaria 10-11
III. Carmen Fantasy Op. 25

Utdrag fra Kristiansand Symfoniorkester sin nyttårskonsert 2021. På grunn av strenge smitteverntiltak gikk konserten uten publikum tilstede i salen. Konserten ble i stedet sendt live fredag 8. januar

The kaval is a chromatic end-blown flute traditionally played throughout the Balkans (in Albania, Romania, Bulgaria, Southern Serbia, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Northern Greece, and elsewhere) and Anatolia (including Turkey and Armenia). The kaval is primarily associated with mountain shepherds. Unlike the transverse flute, the kaval is fully open at both ends, and is played by blowing on the sharpened edge of one end. The kaval has eight playing holes (seven in front and one in the back for the thumb) and usually four more unfingered intonation holes near the bottom of the kaval. As a wooden rim-blown flute, kaval is similar to the kawala of the Arab world and ney of the Middle East.