IMPERIAL TRIUMPHANT – Merkurius Gilded (feat. Kenny G & Max Gorelick)

Taken from the Album Spirit of Ecstasy (2022).

What once was a gilded age of industry and exceptional growth only to be stricken with panic that shall leave the common man in the dust, dried up and faded away. Merkurius looks down upon Forty Second Street mobs releasing their fortunes into the sky of ignorance. ~ Imperial Triumphant

Directed and Edited by Steve Blanco

Produced by Zachary Ezrin and Steve Blanco

Cinematography by Ferny Chung

Camera Assist – JT White
Production Assistant – Milan Ambra
Makeup – Kelsey Chapstick
Cover Art – Louis F. Cuffari
Associate producer – Kenny Grohowski

Couch Slut:
Megan Osztrosits
Theo Nobel
Amy Mills
Kevin Hall
Kevin Wunderlich

Max Gorelick
Earl Maneein
Puss N Boots
Talluluh Talons
Tristan Fox

Century Media
©2022 Vile Luxe Entertainment LLC


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