Confronting Stillness: The Life and Works of Morton Feldman

Classical Nerd is a video series covering music history, theoretical concepts, and techniques, hosted by composer, pianist, and music history aficionado Thomas Little.


  • Thomas Little: Dance! #2 in E minor, performed by Rachel Fellows, Michael King, and Bruce Tippette
  • Morton Feldman: Coptic Light, performed by the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra conducted by Peter Eötvös [original upload: PgS37X4P2hM]
  • Morton Feldman: The King of Denmark, performed by Colin Frank [original upload: rZpa0WWAK5c]
  • Morton Feldman: Rothko Chapel, performed by the Ensemble Intercontemporain and Les Cris de Paris conducted by Gregor A. Mayrhofer [original upload: ks_mZJR-lAQ]
  • Morton Feldman: Between Categories, performed by Frank Wolff, Wilhelm Schulz, Christoph Keller, Morton Feldman, Hans-Peter Friedrich, Ulf Klausenitzer, Burkhard Wissemann, and Michael Dietz [original upload: XUnT3FOg0tI]
  • Morton Feldman: Piano and Orchestra, performed by John Tilbury and the BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra [original upload: r_gzPtMuKRw]
  • Darude: Sandstorm, clip originally from Wikipedia []