ALICE MERTON – Live @ Hurricane Festival (2019)

The Hurricane Festival, also just Hurricane, is a music festival that has taken place at the Eichenring, a speedway race track, in Scheeßel, Germany, since 1997. With more than 80,000 attendees (2022) it is one of the largest music festivals in Germany. Southside Festival, often referred to as Hurricane’s “sister” festival, takes place on the same three days and has largely the same line-up. Alongside Southside Festival, Hurricane festival is organised by FKP Konzertproduktionen, MCT Agentur and KoKo Konstanz and takes place every June. Like many other large festivals Hurricane Festival plays a mix of rock, alternative, pop and electro music from established as well as emerging artists. Arrival begins at midday on the Thursday.


  1. Learn to Live
  2. Speak Your Mind
  3. Trouble in Paradise
  4. Keeps Me Awake
  5. Hit The Ground Running
  6. Funny Business
  7. Lash Out
  8. No Roots
  9. I Don’t Hold A Grudge
  10. Why So Serious?