Based in London and Tel-Aviv, Staraya Derevnya (Russian: Старая деревня, “Old village”) is an experimental psychedelic band that has been active since 1994. It is named after the historic district of Saint Petersburg. The group’s music style is self-defined as “krautfolk” and is characterised by free-form jams, hypnotic rhythmic patterns and an eclectic mix of instruments. Their live performances are described as played in near-total darkness in order to shift audience attention to projected animated paintings, improvised together with the music.

It’s the second track in Boulder blues (Ramble records, 2022)…

Directed by Maya Pik

Gosha Hniu: objects, percussion, cries and whispers, marching band kazoo, wheel lyre
Ran Nahmias: silent cello, theremin
Maya Pik: synthesizer
Grundik Kasyansky: feedback synthesizer
Miguel Pérez: guitars
Yoni Silver: bass clarinet
Andrea Serafino: drums
Tom Wheatley: double bass