STRANGE CHANGES – Baby’s First Coffin (The Dillinger Escape Plan’s cover)

Strange Changes are an experimental progressive rock band with funk and jazz influences.

The Dillinger Escape Plan was an American metalcore band formed in 1997, by guitarist Ben Weinman, bassist Adam Doll, vocalist Dimitri Minakakis, and drummer Chris Pennie. The band’s use of odd time signatures, polyrhythms and unconventional drum patterns became a staple of their sound, although later albums incorporated more melody, and influences from a range of genres. The band’s lineup shifted numerous times throughout its existence; by the time the group dissolved, Weinman was the only remaining founding member. The last surviving lineup also included longtime members Liam Wilson on bass, Greg Puciato as lead vocalist, and Billy Rymer on the drum kit, alongside then-newcomer Kevin Antreassian as rhythm guitarist.

Recorded live at Barefoot Studios in Brighton, MA on 7/21/13.

Filmed by Frank Hegyi, Chris Anderson, and Evan Kutsko.

Video Editing by Frank Hegyi.

Recorded and Mixed by Geoff Nielsen.

Music by Ben Weinman and Greg Puciato, arranged by Tom Dowd.

Tom Dowd – Guitar/Vox
Geoff Nielsen – Trombone
Erik Van Dam – Alto Sax
Evan Waaramaa – Keys
Sam Crawford – Guitar
Greg Toro – Bass
Tiago Michelin – Drums
Matt Knoegel – Tenor Sax
Joe Brogan – Trumpet