DEAD KENNEDYS – Live clips from the “Lost Tapes” DVD

“This song – is about the fucking rednecks, and the fucking jocks. Who bring in their macho attitudes to these shows. Try to wreck em, by starting fights, spreading around their racist, bullshit attitudes.

If you really like the swastika so much, go join the Klan, like your parents. If you’re no different from your parents, then what are you rebelling against, anyway? You’re fitting in

Nazi redneck assholes, FUCK OFF!

Jello Biafra

In God We Trust, Inc.: The Lost Tapes (2003) is the DVD of the Dead Kennedys’ first recording session of their EP, In God We Trust Inc. The session was filmed in June 1981 by Eric Goodfield for a part of a punk documentary he was making. When the DKs went to master the tape it started to peel and deteriorate, so they had to record it again (that session took place in August and was used for the EP).

The tape was in Goodfield’s collection until the DKs asked him if he would release the video as part of their 25th anniversary. It includes live versions of all the songs except “Hyperactive Child”, for which no live footage could be found.