MARTINHO DA VILA – Festa de Umbanda (1974)

Martinho da Vila (born February 12, 1938) is a Brazilian singer and composer who is considered to be one of the main representatives of samba and MPB. He is a prolific songwriter, with hundreds of recorded songs across over 40 solo albums. He also has many songs that were recorded by singers from different musical genres.

Internationally celebrated artists such as Nana Mouskouri (Greece), Ornella Vanoni (Italy), Katia Guerreiro (Portugal), Rosario Flores (Spain) have put their voices to Martinho’s songs and lyrics.

As a singer, he is considered by critics as one of the top exponents of samba to have ever lived. Among his many national collaborations, a few notable names are Zeca Pagodinho, Arlindo Cruz, Chico Buarque, Beth Carvalho, Noel Rosa, Alcione, among others. Furthermore, Martinho composed some of the most important samba enredos (samba school themed songs) and has forged a solid partnership with the Vila Isabel samba school.

In spite of being a self-taught singer / songwriter with no academic background, Martinho has a great connection with classical music. He participated in the symphonic project “Samba Classics” under the baton of the late Maestro Silvio Barbato, which went on to be performed by several classical orchestras such as the Belo Horizonte, Brasilia, and Espirito Santo Orchestras, as well as the Orquestra Petrobras and the Orfeônica of Denmark. He also devised, in partnership with Maestro Bruno Leonardo, the Black Concert, a Symphonic performance that focuses on the participation of black musicians in classical music.

In addition to being a celebrated singer and songwriter, Martinho is also a writer and author of 13 books: Notable works include Os Lusófonos, republished in Portugal, as well as Joanna and Joanes – A Fluminense Romance, and Ópera Negra, which was later translated into French. At the Book Fair in Paris in 2015, Martinho released his novel Os Lusófonos.

O sino da Igrejinha
Faz belém blem blam
Deu meia-noite
O galo já cantou
Seu tranca rua
Que é dono da gira
Oi corre gira
Que ogum mandou

Tem pena dele
Benedito tenha dó
Ele é filho de Zambi
Ô São Benedito tenha dó

Tem pena dele Nanã
Tenha dó
Ele é filho de Zambi
Ô Zambi tenha dó

Foi numa tarde serena
Lá nas matas da Jurema
Que eu vi o caboclo bradar
Quiô, quiô, quiô, quiera
Sua mata está em festa
Saravá seu seu sete flecha
Que ele é rei da floresta

Quiô, quiô, quiô, quiera
Sua mata está em festa
Saravá seu mata virgem
Que ele é rei da floresta

Quiô, quiô, quiô, quiera
Sua mata está em festa
Saravá seu cachoeira
Que ele é rei da floresta

Vestimenta de caboclo
É samambaia
É samambaia, é samambaia
Saia caboclo
Não me atrapalha
Saia do meio
Da samambaia