Norman Pain (also known as Ball-Head) is an experimental British rapper, singer, and songwriter. He comes from Liverpool, England.

Rest in peace, R.I.P
The family’s dead, at least they’re free
I walk this road alone and no one knows except for me
I fight this feeling every day, my fingers bleed
Climb those walls, I can’t go home, I buried my front door key
Something’s wrong, this pain won’t leave
Leave me in my cave and let me be (let me be)
Will I live or will I die? I just don’t know, I guess we’ll see
Turn my back on life, I won’t survive unless I’m free
Eighteen years in the can, that’s timе I won’t get back
Drive my soul into the ground and takе my heart and paint it black
Everything I own fits inside a plastic bag
All of these problems in my life are weighing on my shoulders break my back
Life on the twitch live, living stitches, sleight of the wrist and the mind’s in prison
Pint of the bitter, I might start itching and turning again to addiction
Let me paint you a picture
Van Gogh on a starry night out the window’s vista
Distant figures and boils and blisters
I miss my parents, I wish they were with us
Yes, but I left my heart on the track
My life just slipped through the cracks
Now I know just one things a fact
(One day they’re gonna wanna know who I am
She can’t keep them from me forever)
Gotta keep it together, Dalai Lama
Pray every day, holy father
Killed that guy, killed his wife
You know what they say, guess that’s karma
Corpse in the chiller, beer in the fridge, ice in the bucket
Woke up this morning and just thought fuck it
Stand in the bath, shaving my head, plug in the socket
Can’t walk straight, lie in the gutter, fill it with vomit
Sold my car, bloke in the boot, blood on the bonnet
Shall I compare thee to a piece of shit? Write you a sonnet