LUCIEL IZUMI – Live @ Congreso Internacional de Charango (2022)

Luciel Izumi (born in La Paz, July 23, 1995) is a Bolivian composer and instrumentalist who specializes in the charango, a small acoustic guitar, which she has practiced since she was 11.​ She leads the Luciel Izumi Jazz Quartet.

The charango is a small Andean stringed instrument of the lute family, from the Quechua and Aymara populations in the territory of the Altiplano in post-Colonial times, after European stringed instruments were introduced by the Spanish during colonialization. The instrument is widespread throughout the Andean regions of Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, northern Chile and northwestern Argentina, where it is a popular musical instrument that exists in many variant forms

1) La Partida (Víctor Jara); 2) Fantasía (Julio Lavayén) con Ruddy Barrancos, saxofón; 3) La aromeñita (morenada) (Manuel Soliz) con Ruddy Barrancos, (saxo), Federico Gamba (guitarra) y Facundo Soto (percusión); 4) Surimana (Los Kjarkas) con el mismo grupo; y 5) ? (caporal). Sala Argentina del CCK. CABA, sábado 27 de agosto de 202