PETE & BAS – Mr. Worldwide

Pete & Bas are a British hip hop duo of rap artists aged in their 70s. The duo are based in London, and were formed in 2017. They are notable for the songs “The Old Estate”, “Dents in a Peugeot”, and their debut single, “Shut Ya Mouth”.

They released their first single in 2017, after Pete discovered his enjoyment for hip hop when his granddaughter was playing rap music on his car radio. He told Bas about it, and they decided that it would be good fun to issue it on YouTube. It was an immediate success and went viral, so they continued to create new music. They have also done successful gigs and a concert tour in major UK cities. They have over 320,000 followers on Instagram.

The duo have collaborated with several other notable artists. Their single “The Old Estate” features the rapper M24, and has a video filmed on an estate in Rotherhithe, and Millwall football stadium, which Pete is at least a fan of.

(Omelette du fromage)

[Chorus: Pete & Bas]
Yeah, hasta luego
Wagwan to the boys in Tobago
Keep one eye open for the plainclothes
I need more leg room for the plane home
E-se to the boys in Lagos
They hold it down when the man need favours
Transatlantic for my flavours
Might chuck the chips down in Vegas
Bonjour to the birds in France, voulez-vous coucher avec moi?
One love when I’m in Jamaica, I bust Magnum when I wine and dance
German whip with a German stick and German chick when I’m out in Mainz
Plates of meat out down the beach house with the chicas out in Spain

[Verse 1: Pete & Bas]
King Kong banging on my chest, I’m global
Running up numbers, money man, mogul
We don’t chit-chat, we ain’t vocal
We ship packs out, doing up postal
Shake hands with the locals
Network and we don’t mean social
Stepped out in Italian suede, I tell a man prego, I tally up totals
Now once upon a time, I
Had dents in a ride, I
Had zilch in the bank, then I broke down bricks to serve up in the nighttime, now I’m
Mr. Worldwide, when I pull up outside
Girls wanna jump into the car and ride
I must apologise, I don’t really have time
To chat and fraternise when they’re threatening mine

Come on then, just touched in Dublin
Get cash back, then double it
Bubbling carb in a pot, then shovel it
Smuggling, paid for the jewels I’m covered in
Go on then, grab him then, let’s be having him
I just sparked a man’s lights out, halogen
Then I boxed him up nice and packaged him
Shipped a man next day like Amazon
I just stepped out in Turkey, and I’m feeling certi
Had to back ouzo dirty, needs must when I’m feeling thirsty
Keep the dome bald on top, but the back’s all nice and curly
Lord knows I tried to quit smoking, but a twenty deck’s one pound thirty

And a twenty deck’s one pound forty, wife in Gibraltar brought that back for me
Tell her I’m out in Dubai smoking doobies, be back shortly
Yeah, and the plod just caught me
Slap on the wrist, mate, naughty, naughty
Yeah, so I slapped him a fifty
Federale changed his mind quite quickly
A man changed his tune
Banging on the drum, mate, click-clack boom
Laid a quick track with my old mate Fumez
And then kicked back with a pint in Spoons

Feet up with my hobnail boots
I sip another pint, it’s time to get loose
See that boy, said he owes me money, tap him on his head, mate, duck-duck goose