PETE & BAS – Plugged In (live @ XOYO London 23/10/21)

Pete & Bas are a British hip hop duo formed by men in their 70s. They are based in London, and were formed in 2017. They are notable for the songs “The Old Estate”, “Dents in a Peugeot”, and their debut single, “Shut Ya Mouth”.

Pete & Bas
Plugged In with Fumez
Let’s go, baby

Hello girl, hello, darling
What’s your name and what’s your number?
Beg your pardon?
Heated pool in the big back garden
Crate of the beers, I’m sinking ‘em down but now I’m starving
Pop to the shop with a big kebab and a can of lager
Boss man knows me, I’ll be back tomorrow
With a stack full of pinkies rolled up, that’s for the drop last week
And a couple of shots of the neat
Cuttin’ up deals in the business meet

She like me, she want me
She wanna come ‘round and bonk me
Pull up to mine in her husband’s car
She want me, she need me
She wanna come round and tease me
Pull up to mine midnight, half past
She wanna come drink with a geezer
Shop with a dealer, ride in a beamer

She know I got rocks I sling off the curb
Big words and a slick demeanor
Jesus, baby
She been ringing on my phone like crazy
Big cakes to bake and I’m greedy

I came, I saw, I conquered
Waking up in me Gucci boxers
Couple of jabs, with a one-two bang I’ll knock your block off
Fling balls like Fredrick Flintoff
Clean shot, make a man dance and I don’t mean TikTok
And that’s them loons and that’s them jills and that’s that bright
And that’s that swing and that’s that left and that’s my right
Scope a man’s head with me sniper sight
That’s right
Then it’s pint and a fag and a dance on a Friday night

Pull up in a big beamer
Shoot shots on a man then I call cleaners
There’s been a little spill on that block we was
Last week where the boys put them feelers
I just wanna bust shots on the block, Jesus
I just wanna whip white while I smash cans
I just wanna whip round with a few shooters
I just wanna few pints and a few fags

Big 16s and I blew that
Nah, son, you don’t wanna do that
Son, shoulda known I’m a big deal
Son, shoulda run when he threw that, yeah
Pull up outside and a man gets fried
I’m banging that mash like English breakfast
Might just smash this car in a shop window
I don’t give a, this one rented

Hey, Pete, chuck us that can
Oi, Fumez, roll us a fag will ya?

I’m in Spoons with a tune on the jukebox
Bird’s been shaking the bunda making me crazy
If a girl keeps going like this
Then I’m taking her home and we’re making babies
Now, I don’t mean to be rude but this party’s dead and I’m feeling wavy
So I might just slide to the cab, grab Sandra, Babs and Casey

Come on then, mate, let’s jump in the cab, tell Mo to go faster
I’m hotboxing the Uber
If he complains, I’m punching the bastard
Spill drink everywhere now me phones died
Pass me the bleeding charger
Smoking a biff of the finest grade, now me head’s twisted like a Rasta

Jump out the whip with a cigarette lit
When I’m out on strip they run, they scarper
Grab that man and I’m shaving his head like a Turkish barber
Popped his noggin with the butt of the dotty
And his body foamed up like a bottle of cava
Feds came ‘round and I never said nada
Quick k-sh and I’m downing a lager

I never lost face when it came to throwing these fists
Got an head like a builder’s brick
I got fists like concrete slabs
Still knock a man down with a Kung Fu kick
And I don’t take shit from a man
Get chucked in a van, get dashed in a dusty skip
One side of the family’s Irish
Tiocfaidh ár lá if he’s taking the mick

Big bands in the building
Filled in cracks in the walls so the feds can’t see that stash
Got a mash tucked under this tit for tat
And I tip my hat if he’s talking grease
Please, I don’t wanna spill his beans on the brand new carpet
The wife will lose it
Move it before I lose it, get dark bruises all up in that leaky boat

Pull up in a blacked-out Benz and I whip out the nank
And a man gets carved like roast
It ain’t no joke, I ain’t Dave Chappelle
Now, why’s your girl been talking to me for?
Give her that see-saw
Give her that up and down and her back’s so round, I grabbed it
Wrapped it, slapped it stains on the mattress
Flip them packs and the cash, I stashed it

Smacked that man with the back of the hand
These sovereigns turned him green like goblin
Meat she’s gobbling, meat feast popped in her mouth
And she can’t get enough of this Joplin
Janis, I don’t know what the plan is
Smoked so much that I’m stuck in the planets
Speaking Spanish, hasta luego
Thumbs in his eyes get pressed like Play-Doh

Wife’s been calling, “How did your day go?”
Can’t call back, I’m in San Diego
Lil’ Mug tried it, you don’t wanna ride it
Gave him the kiss of death, I ain’t g- though
I ain’t Fredo, don’t wear tight little shirts like Bugzy
Lil’ boy, don’t wanna get maced
Mug get smashed in the face
Jaykae still didn’t send his verse
Get left in a casket case