ZONES & KENNY ALLSTAR – The Generals Corner

Kent-based rapper Zones is here to prove her worth, a gay woman in the male dominated music industry. She spits as hard as men – will the competition help her to gain the respect she deserves?

Your mum ever sent you letters with tears on the page?
Ain’t no sunny days when you’re stuck up in the cage
Can’t shake these spirits, no point in burning sage
Any time I hear the door knock, para it’s a raid
No one round here had no father figures
Looked up to drug dealers, gyallists and yardie killers
Close my eyes, I live in Spain without the S
Trigger finger itchy, press the trigger, no repent
My boy capping, said he’s happy for mе
But I can see in his eyes that he’s jеalous
If he knew where my belly was he’d run and go and take it
Round my block where I’m from, don’t nobody make it
This game horrid, acting like they’re solid
Soft, all their sorry turned porridge
Had my picture up for years in the station, I’m a menace
Back and forth, sweat box tennis
Heisenburg chemist, took crazy risks for the readies
Now the music streams like Venice
Mash works on the wing, I was a pollen for the SO
Old school, peel you out your Ecko
Old school, Kwik Save, Netto
Now I put bricks together, Lego
Ex tripping bout my new one, can’t let go
I’m in a different zone, PTSD from my ringing phone
1942 when I sip Patron
Countless times I’ve bought new drip and burned it
Started from the bottom now it’s straight like I permed it
I was a banger in my day, come round you need a permit
These stripes and these badges on my shoulders, had to earn it
Lost souls to the road, it kept turning me cold
Got a brother, don’t talk like Brother Mouzone
I should’ve had my boots on, I was tryna get Louboutins
GSR on my face, had the loose ones
The game’s wack if people champion weirdos
My brother’s got more bodies on his belt than there’s pierced holes
Don’t patronise me, I’m driving in a big boy foreign
You know it’s me, you don’t have to I.D
I came up with a stick and a bush, a brick and a whoosh
Now this lightie wants my dick in her tush
It’s funny, she used to think she was stoosh
Now I fuck her, ignore her after I give her the wood
Mum told me “Play with them dogs, you get fleas”
Six figure nigga, no GCSE’s
I didn’t finish school, they said I underachieve
Franklin who? My plug gave me more bricks than Reed
All for my kids, they’re the double of me
Want a verse? The price gone up so it’s double the fee
Everything Gucci, had to double the G
These niggas weak, SWV
I could write four books on the things that I saw
Niggas talking on stuff they ain’t qualified for
Internet era, everybody got a voice
I’ve seen a blogger turn a real nigga moist
All I know is nines, load it to the brim, they’re using keyboards
I’m the one the feds want then man collect the rewards

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