NORMAN PAIN – Human Vermin

While Norman’s debut single “Trapped” was an emotional ballad, taking cues from emo rap and alternative rock, “Human Vermin” is a return to Norman’s aggressive rapping style as demonstrated on songs such as “Windowframe Cypher” and “Golf”. “Human Vermin” is a sermon on which Norman unleashes a ferocious verbal onslaught, discussing familiar topics such as his physical health, mental torment, and his ex-wife, as well as topics such as consumerism, terrorism, pharmaceutical companies, government corruption, and corporate greed. Once more, Norman enlists producer NineOneShots, best known for his work with Norman’s frequent collaborators Pete & Bas.

Human vermin
This is a sermon
Pile up the bodies and burn them
Take those graves and turn them
Luxuries you don’t deserve them (No you don’t)
You killed the earthworm
Well, now the dragon’s rising
Global crisis
Boko Haram and ISIS (Fucking ISIS)
Fucking Pfizer
Needles blood and lies
Orphan kids in tears
Memories of my wife (Why?)
Thieving bastards
You took this world and burnt it
Judgement day, hammer of Thor
Guilty verdict
Take it, purge it
Make it rain, conserve it
The wait is over
The corpse is in the furnace
Business man
Mr. Suit, Mr. Greed
Fucking scum
Pay the price for the life you lead
On your knees
I’ll make you kneel before me
The reaper showed up to the orgy
Fuck you bitch and fuck your corgis
Come on then war me
I trained with samurais in Japan
Nah man
I’m a demi-god with a Tesco bag and a Kestrel can (Drink that can)
Stick of tar
Lord of pain
Give me that neck
Snap and crackle
Pop that chain
Drop that change
Count it up when I cop that Range
Decals with the golden flame
Blacked out windows, tinted panes
You’re a Toyota Prius
I’m PS5, you’re Nitendo DS
So don’t talk BS
I’m grabbing a beer
Then it’s back to the house for a kiev
Not even worth my time you bunch of fucking cowards
Simon Cowell
Aleister Crowley’s bowels
Kamikaze, Pearl Harbor
Nagasaki and Twin Towers
Bullets are raining on kids while you’re shovelling powder
I’m well-endowed
Wielding heavy weapons
Greta Thunberg
Feed her to the devil
Baying crowds
Whips and chains and leather
The worst is yet to come
We should all come together
And set aside our differences