SISTER IRENE O’CONNOR – Fire of God’s Love [fvll albvm] (1973)

Sister Irene O’Connor is an Australian Roman Catholic nun from the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary order (FMM), besides being a singer-songwriter and musician. In addition to traditional hymns, O’Connor is known for mixing religious music with popular music, most famously on the 1976 album Fire of God’s Love.

Sister Irene O’Connor recorded several albums during the 1960s while teaching children in Singapore. While in Singapore she met Sister Marimil Lobregat who was en route to Indonesia. The two became friends, and recorded Fire of God’s Love after reconnecting a decade later. The two recorded the album entirely on their own, with O’Connor writing, singing and performing all instruments on the recording, and Lobregat handling all of the recording, engineering and sound production.

Fire of God’s Love (1973) – Playlist:

  1. Fire (Luke 12:49)
  2. Nature Is a Song
  3. Springtime (In Australia)
  4. Mass: Emmanuel (Text: I.C.E.L.)
  5. Messe du Saint Esprit
  6. Light (John 8:12)
  7. Mary Was ‘There’
  8. O Brother! (Matt. 7:1-5)
  9. Teenager’s Chorus
  10. O Great Mystery (John 6)
  11. Christ Our King (Col. 1:13)
  12. Keshukoran