ALPHAVILLE – Forever Young (symphonic version 2022)

About the album Eternally Yours: Alphaville, Germany’s biggest synth-pop export and creator of the legendary 80s anthems “Big in Japan”, “Sounds like a Melody” and “Forever Young”, has decided to go symphonic. The band is doing things on the grand scale and catapulting the band’s 40 years of greatest hits out of the orbit of synthesizers and rhythm machines into the world of the human sound machine, the symphony orchestra. “Eternally Yours” is more, much more, than a mere translation of the songs into the sound spectrum of a great orchestra. What it amounts to, rather, is a symbiosis of Marian Gold’s unique vocal capacities, the original Alphaville sound and the majestic power and rich timbres of the concert-hall-sized German Film Orchestra of Babelsberg.

“Eternally Yours” is about the everlasting theme of endurance and evanescence. The lyrics of songs from the past four decades were written predominantly by Gold himself. One central theme for Alphaville and Gold has always been the dream: “We really get around quite a lot, we’ve played almost everywhere, in our heads and out of our heads. All that goes into our music, into the idea of what Alphaville could be. It is like a never-ending dream. Those who hear our music hear fragments of this dream.” The title-track, specifically written for this event comes across like an amorous farewell letter. “I didn’t write a single line of my own for this song. All the words and all the ideas come from Shakespeare’s Sonnetts. All I did was recompile and minimally adjust them, so as to make them more singable for me.”

“All 23 musical pieces on this album have been essentially clarified by their arrangement, they’re stripped clean, released, set free. Their true nature has been revealed.” Gold and his two arrangers Max Knoth and Christian Lohr have given this album the sonic ambience that matches the musical content of its songs. The songs don’t sound overblown, either, they’re not pushed beyond their limits – on the contrary, the album has such natural, warm, even familiar tones that listening to it, you wonder why there haven’t been more symphonic arrangements of Alphaville songs in the past. Gold goes so far as to say: “When I hear it, ‘Eternally Yours’ really does sound as if it were actually the first Alphaville album – except that for forty years, it lay unreleased. We simply didn’t have access to an orchestra in those days.”

The album “Eternally Yours” by Alphaville with the German Film Orchestra Babelsberg was released with @NEUE MEISTER on September 23, 2022.

Marian Gold about “Forever Young”: “The video for ‘Forever Young’ was shot somewhere in the outskirts of London inside an abandoned building that was once used as a lunatic asylum. It was planned the video would take place in the setting of a bunker with a couple of survivors from World War III. I remember me walking through the rotten corridors of the location during a shooting break. In one of the deserted wings, the floors were covered with paper-sheets containing medical reports of former patients. I couldn’t help but reading some of them and it was a weird sensation being confronted with these intimate tragedies while we were performing the end of the world next door. And then a thought hit me: Maybe I’m just imagining all this. What if the next document bears my name? What if I’m not a pop star? What if I’m just mad…?”

“You can’t write a song like ‘Forever Young’ on purpose. You can only write it accidentally.”

Written by
Marian Gold, Bernhard Lloyd, Frank Mertens
Recorded with Filmorchester Babelsberg