CULTURA TRES – The World And Its Lies

Cultura Tres is a band with a history of defiance and perseverance that started more than a decade ago in the small town of Maracay, Venezuela. The band had been until then a DIY powerhouse that steadily gained the respect of the South-American sludge-doom scene. During the sludge-doom era of the band, guitarist brothers Alejandro and Juanma Montoya brought out a number of independent releases, but despite various musical highlights such as touring Europe, Japan and South-America or being declared “Discovery of the month” by Metal Hammer UK, the early aspirations of the Montoya’s would lack the resources and team members to reach the next level. A number of financial challenges and even personal tragedy would eventually put years of silence to the their musical output. Their new album, Camino de brujos, features Sepultura’s Paulo Xisto on bass.

“Camino De Brujos” was recorded by Juan M. De Ferrari Montoya & Alonso Milano Mendoza at AJM Sound Studios, Amsterdam (NL) and at Reborn Studios, Artesa de Segre (SP). Alejandro Londono Montoya took care of the missing and the mastering at AJM Sound Studios in Amsterdam.
The artwork was made by Damian Michaels.

Alejandro Londono Montoya – vocals, guitar
Paulo Xisto Pinto Jr – bass
Juan de Ferrari Montoya – guitar
Jerry Vergara Cevallos – drums