1910 FRUITGUM COMPANY – Simon Says

The 1910 Fruitgum Company is an American bubblegum pop band of the 1960s. The group’s Billboard Hot 100 hits were “Simon Says”, “May I Take a Giant Step”, “1, 2, 3, Red Light”, “Goody Goody Gumdrops”, “Indian Giver”, “Special Delivery”, and “The Train”.

The band began as Jeckell and The Hydes in New Jersey in 1966. The original members were Frank Jeckell, Mark Gutkowski, Floyd Marcus, Pat Karwan and Steve Mortkowitz – all from Linden, New Jersey.

The band started touring, opening for major acts such as The Beach Boys. They also released these other chart hits: “May I Take a Giant Step” (U.S. #63), “1, 2, 3, Red Light” (U.S. #5), “Special Delivery” (U.S. #38), “Goody, Goody Gumdrops” (U.S. #37), “Indian Giver” (U.S. #5) and “The Train” (U.S. #57).