The Northern Boys are, like Pete & Bas, part of Sindhuworld, an Instagram-famous London convenience shop that somehow sprouted a record label back in 2017. It’s “kind of like Ruff Ryders but with old guys,” Norm summarizes. Their account of how they hooked up with this scene is no less confounding.

In 2003, Norman “made a relatively large error” when buying a car off the classifieds website Gumtree: “I sent the guy a message, drove down to London, paid for the car, drove it back through London on my way out to [Birmingham], and got stopped by the police,” he says. “Turns out it was a dodgy car. I don’t want to go into the details really, but, guy who sold me that car was Peter Bowditch.” That is, the very Pete who would go on to perform with Basil Bellgrave as Pete & Bas.

“I kind of became familiar with Pete & Bas through the whole ordeal,” Karneigh says. “I was all over Pete like a rash when I found out what happened, I wanted justice for my mate. I even punched him when I first met him,” he claims. “But as time went on we all got to know each other and they sorted Norm out quite nicely, so you know, we’re all friends now.” The name Northern Boys is partly a regional joke — everyone from London “always refer to anyone with a slight accent as Northern,” Karneigh says. When they’re with Pete & Bas or Uncle Bal, who works at Sindhuworld, “they always call us ‘the northern boys,’” Pain says… [+]