PETE & BAS – Windowframe Cypher (part II) feat. The Snooker Team

Known for their elite lyricism and snooker skills, The Snooker Team is a British hip-hop collective comprised of Pete & Bas, Patrick Karneigh Junior, Albert Allen, Smith, Norman Pain, and McMillan. The group’s debut was the 2020 posse cut “Windowfram Cypher.”

In 2021, the group enlisted Pete & Bas’ longtime friend, delicatessen proprietor Uncle Bal, who appeared on the group’s 2021 track “Numbers.”

The group is believed to operate one of the UK’s largest drug rings, using a snooker hall in South East London as a front for their operation and Uncle Bal’s deli to launder money. This is bolstered by lyrics in their songs which frequently reference making and selling drugs, primarily cocaine, and general illegal activities.

Bitch how did you fall in love?

Hello girl, hello love
Come and have a drink with the boys in the pub
Get lit get touched when the biscuit crunch
I’ll end his fun when i pull that plug
Yeah, It’s internet P my connections plush
And I’m feeling lush
Make a lady blush when i lift that clutch
And i feed them chicks like a baby duck

Bruck a brick down and dish that
Grab dough, back in a mo
Like sizlack, gis that
Money in a bag and split that
Whip back round in a stolen motor
This d’eagle comes with a kick back
Nick that paddy whack
Bird with a big back
Throw that bone
Got chrome in a ruck sack
Stepped on the birkenstocks
And he got knocked over

Rip the car doors off
Toot that horn with the windows down while i shout and scream
Built like a volvo еscort
Bulk my mass with the bowls of grains and beans
Humble pricе of the rocks and powders
Wrapped up tight in my nike trousers
Windmill fist to another man’s face
And he won’t wake up for the next six hours

Shurikan stars and a blow gun dart
When i find that man I’mma take his soul
Strike his neck like a lightning bolt
Hop on me mountain bike and go
You don’t wanna war with PKJ
Get jabbed in the eyes with a vipers blow
Took your wife out for a greggs and vodka’s
We made love on the bus ride home

Call on the heart of a raging rhino, it’s my time to go
Just bagged a girl i met on the internet quite some time ago
Looking nice smelling fresh dress to impress in my three piece (yes)
Took his queen like a game of chess
Barry white on the vinyl time to have sex

Grabbed his face and i pulled his tongue out (Yep)
The man was done out
One slice and his guts just hung out
Clean my boots but i can’t get the muck out
Fuck sake
Lit a man’s head like a birthday cake
Then he got hung like fishing bait
Used him as a punch bag hook to the face

Barry says, ladies do
Usual please, make that two
Pop a pill, colour blues
Took her back, sonic boom
Barry’s on bender
Bunda, lenga
Ice cold like december
Pull up in a land rover defender

Eh, girl, do you feel me?
So what, you wanna come wheel me?
Look darling we can go one more time
But you know that it might just kill me
Now, I’m willing to die for nyash
Christian girl, bible bash
I bring the drink, you supply the hash
Don’t tell the wife, she’ll have an heart attack

One hit of the bifta, lifted
Glass of the stout, I’m twisted
Chunks of thai got shifted
Splashed on the ice, I’m nicely wristed
Magnum pint or whiskey
Oops, your girl just kissed me
Old bird said she miss me
Chucked like a bleeding frisbee

End of the line when i step in the building
Reach for the sky mate do as you’re told
I ain’t joking i will smoke him
What i wouldn’t do for a marlboro gold
Billy, I’m a magpie, I’ve always had an eye for the shiny things
Silver chains and golden bangles, platinum watches, diamond rings