1000 HOMO DJS – Supernaut

"Supernaut" is the fifth song from the album Vol. 4 by British heavy metal band Black Sabbath. The song was covered by Al Jourgensen's 1000 Homo DJs (1990). The CD version of the single also contains the songs "Apathy" and "Better Ways", from the band's 1988 debut single, "Apathy." 1000 Homo DJs was a side… Continue lendo 1000 HOMO DJS – Supernaut

COOLIO – Gangsta’s Paradise

"Gangsta's Paradise" is the highest-charting single by American rapper Coolio. Interpolating Stevie Wonder's 1976 song "Pastime Paradise", and featuring American singer L.V., the single was released on August 1, 1995, and ten days later it was heard in the film Dangerous Minds. Certified Platinum in October, the song was included on Coolio's second album Gangsta's… Continue lendo COOLIO – Gangsta’s Paradise

2PAC & DR. DRE – California Love

"California Love" is a song by American rapper 2Pac featuring fellow American rapper-producer Dr. Dre and American singer Roger Troutman. The song was released as 2Pac's comeback single after his release from prison in 1995 and was his first single as the newest artist of Death Row Records. This is one of 2Pac's most widely… Continue lendo 2PAC & DR. DRE – California Love

KOOL MOE DEE – Wild Wild West

"Wild Wild West" is a song by American rapper Kool Moe Dee, released in 1988 as a second single from his second studio album How Ya Like Me Now. It was recorded in 1987 at Battery Studios in London, England, produced by Bryan "Chuck" New, LaVaba Mallison, Pete Q. Harris, Teddy Riley and Kool Moe… Continue lendo KOOL MOE DEE – Wild Wild West

SLEEP TERROR – Above Snakes

Sleep Terror began in 2002 as the brainchild of multi-instrumentalist and composer Luke Jaeger. The band quickly created a buzz in the tech metal scene through a shred heavy and hybrid sound that challenges the boundaries between technical death metal, surf rock, funk, country, blues, flamenco, jazz and modern metal. Luke soon acquired renowned drummer… Continue lendo SLEEP TERROR – Above Snakes

JO JONES – A Magician on Drums (Caravan)

Jo Jones is one of the greatest drummer in the history of Jazz. Most inventive, he frequently improvises the most unpredictable and bold breaks with an impressive rythmic energy. This example of his drum solo shows his amazing and unique variety. The extraordinary solo of Jo Jones, a magician on drums, ends in a blaze… Continue lendo JO JONES – A Magician on Drums (Caravan)

PERO DEFFORMERO – Gastarbajter [Guestworker]

Pero Defformero are a Serbian band from Novi Sad. The band parodies turbo-folk music by combining it with heavy metal and humorous lyrics. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SahpP3IrkOg Mlad sam bio kada reših, na svoj život metoh tačkuU tuđinu pođoh radit, bauštela u njemačkuU minkenu nađoh posla, zaradio brdo paraSad se vraćam kući bogat, u selu me čeka stara… Continue lendo PERO DEFFORMERO – Gastarbajter [Guestworker]

DOPE – No Respect

Dope is an American heavy metal band from New York City, formed in 1997. They have released six full-length studio albums with their most recent studio album, Blood Money Part 1, being released on October 28, 2016. The lineup currently consists of founding member and lead singer Edsel Dope, guitarist Virus, bassist Acey Slade, and… Continue lendo DOPE – No Respect

PLANET HEMP – Mantenha o Respeito (live)

Planet Hemp is a Brazilian rap rock musical group, known for starting the career of rappers Marcelo D2 and BNegão for its lyrics supporting the legality of cannabis. The band was founded in Rio de Janeiro in 1993, with original members Marcelo D2, Skunk, Rafael, Formigão and Bacalhau. The band broke up in 2001 due… Continue lendo PLANET HEMP – Mantenha o Respeito (live)

MINISTRY – Let’s Go (Adiós Puta Madres)

Let's go to the edge of realityLet's go for total insanityLet's go for a government based on greedLet's go for the final attackLet's go insane! Al Jourgensen The Last Sucker (2007) is the eleventh studio album by industrial metal band Ministry. For three years until their reformation in 2011, it was the band's last studio… Continue lendo MINISTRY – Let’s Go (Adiós Puta Madres)