Here we go – Stakka Bo "Here We Go" is a 1993 song by Swedish artist and music director Stakka Bo. It was released as his first single from the album, Supermarket. The song features vocals by Swedish singers Nana Hedin and Katarina Wilczewski. The song was a big hit in Europe, charting in several countries.

Loungin’ – Guru & Donald Byrd Yeah, I'm loungin', I got my man Donald Byrd I wanna give a big shout out To my little man Miko, he's 2 years old He's away visiting his grand mom but I miss him dearly Check it out If I rhyme this you will find this situation shall advance You could take a … Continuar lendo Loungin’ – Guru & Donald Byrd

Virtual Insanity – JAMIROQUAI Oh yeah, what we're living in (let me tell ya) It's a wonder man can eat at all When things are big that should be small Who can tell what magic spells we'll be doing for us And I'm giving all my love to this world Only to be told I can't see I … Continuar lendo Virtual Insanity – JAMIROQUAI