"Proud Mary" is a song by American rock band Creedence Clearwater Revival written by John Fogerty. It was released as a single in January 1969 by Fantasy Records and on the band's second studio album, Bayou Country. The song became a major hit in the United States, peaking at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot… Continue lendo ARUNDEL SCHOOL CHOIR (ZIMBABWE) – Proud Mary (Tina Turner)



Andalucious Ensemble plays "Hassebni Khoud Krak", originally by the Algerian musician Dahmane El Harrachi (دحمان الحراشي), at Musica Vesheket Studio, Jerusalem. Dahmane El Harrachi (real name Abderrahmane Amrani), (July 7, 1926 – August 31, 1980), was an Algerian Chaâbi singer of Chaoui origin. His song Ya Rayah made him the best exported and most translated… Continue lendo ANDALUCIOUS ENSEMBLE – Hassebni Khoud Krak

FELA KUTI & AFRICA 70 – Pansa Pansa (live in Berlin, 1978)

Fela Aníkúlápó Kuti (15 October 1938 – 2 August 1997), also known as Abami Eda, was a Nigerian musician, bandleader, composer, political activist, and Pan-Africanist. He is regarded as the pioneer of Afrobeat, a Nigerian music genre that combines West African music with American funk and jazz. At the height of his popularity, he was… Continue lendo FELA KUTI & AFRICA 70 – Pansa Pansa (live in Berlin, 1978)

OS TINCOÃS – Obaluaê

Os Tincoãs were a Brazilian music group from Bahia, primarily active in the 1960s and 1970s. They are named after the Tincoã bird, a subspecies of the Squirrel Cuckoo native to Brazil. The music of Os Tincoãs was heavily influenced by Bahia's Candomblé religious tradition originated in Africa. Os Tincoãs are considered to be the… Continue lendo OS TINCOÃS – Obaluaê

AVALANCHE KAITO – Fvll performance | Live on KEXP

A Burkinabe urban griot (vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Kaito Winse) meets a Brussels noise post-punk duo (drummer/dataist Benjamin Chaval and guitarist Nico Gitto). It's a completely new alloy and a huge opportunity to deconstruct both traditional and futurist knowledge. An unruly and unforgettable sonic explosion created by the intersection of wayward travellers. http://KEXP.ORG and ESNS present… Continue lendo AVALANCHE KAITO – Fvll performance | Live on KEXP

WITCH PROPHET – Energy Vampire

Etmet Musa, also known by her alias Ayo Leilani and her stage name Witch Prophet, is an Ethiopian/Eritrean musician based in Toronto, Ontario. As Witch Prophet, she has released two albums: The Golden Octave (2018) and DNA Activation (2020). She co-founded and is the co-director of 88 Days of Fortune, a collective based in Toronto… Continue lendo WITCH PROPHET – Energy Vampire

MASAKA KIDS AFRICANA – Tweyagale Dance (by Eddy Kenzo)

Edrisah Musuuza, popularly known as Eddy Kenzo is a Ugandan native whose life story is nothing short of magical. At the tender age of 4, Eddy lost his mother who meant everything to him, he was forced into living as a street kid for more than 13 years because he did not know where his… Continue lendo MASAKA KIDS AFRICANA – Tweyagale Dance (by Eddy Kenzo)


The Masaka Kids Africana is composed of African children, from the age of 2 and up. Many have lost one or both parents through the devastation of war, famine and disease. They represent all the children of a continent and they demonstrate the potential of African children to become strong leaders for a better future… Continue lendo MASAKA KIDS AFRICANA – I Look To You


Fatoumata Diawara is a Malian singer-songwriter currently living in France. Diawara began her career as an actress in theatre and in film, including Genesis (1999), Sia, The Dream of the Python (2001) and Timbuktu (2014). She later launched a career in music, collaborating with numerous artists and releasing three studio albums beginning with 2011 debut… Continue lendo FATOUMATA DIAWARA & DAMON ALBARN – Nsera

PRÍNCIPE OURO NEGRO – Agora Acreditas no Malusco?

Príncipe Ouro Negro [Black Gold Prince] is an Angolan actor and Kuduro singer-songwriter. Also known as the King of Kuduro, he became well-known worldwide on YouTube with videos in which he displays his eccentric lingo, changing the spelling of words to make them sound funny. Deus usa os loscosPara confundir os sábiosPara que todos… Continue lendo PRÍNCIPE OURO NEGRO – Agora Acreditas no Malusco?