Unrequited (live) / Tunnel of Trees – DEAFHEAVEN

From Deafheaven's debut album Roads to Judah (2011). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CavrFHiICwg Bowing to a monolith of griefObsessing over discordDaydreaming of nightsThat led my staggering steps to nowhere Bathing in the Summer night’s coldAnd in the black of nightI feel so old I feel so worn, quartered, and tornHung from the postWhere my brothers once sungCut from the … Continuar lendo Unrequited (live) / Tunnel of Trees – DEAFHEAVEN

Pamphlets – SQUID

Squid is a British post-punk band from Brighton, England. They are currently based in London. Squid released their debut EP on Speedy Wunderground, Town Centre, in 2019 and have since released four singles on Warp Records. Their debut full-length album, Bright Green Field, was released by Warp Records on 7 May 2021. Here's the official … Continuar lendo Pamphlets – SQUID

HURTMOLD – Live @ Festival Kino Beat, Porto Alegre, BRA (2018)

Hurtmold é uma banda brasileira de post-rock/math rock. Foi formada na cidade de São Paulo em 1998, e nesta época tinha como integrantes Maurício Takara (bateria, vibrafone, trompete), Guilherme Granado (teclado, vibrafone, escaleta), Marcos Gerez (baixo), Mário Cappi (guitarra) e Fernando Cappi (guitarra). Em 2003 entra Rogério Martins (percussão e clarinete), completando a formação que … Continuar lendo HURTMOLD – Live @ Festival Kino Beat, Porto Alegre, BRA (2018)


Gil Mantera's Party Dream was an American electronic synthpop party band hailing originally from Youngstown, Ohio, United States, with Gil Mantera living in Columbus, Ohio as well as Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Some people had the Summer of Love. Others had the fall of the Berlin Wall. A lucky few of us in Ohio in the 2000's had Gil Mantera's Party Dream, the greatest performance … Continuar lendo GIL MANTERA’s PARTY DREAM: Bloodsongs

Breaking The Boy? – ST. VINCENT desconstrói o single do Chili Peppers em versão intimista

Lúcio Ribeiro - POPLOAD, 15 de janeiro de 2019 Annie Clark já provou que em tudo que toca vira ouro. Inclusive quando o assunto é cover. No último domingo, em um show beneficente em prol das vítimas dos incêndios que assolaram a Califórnia recentemente, ela resolveu mandar uma cover de Red Hot Chili Peppers. O … Continuar lendo Breaking The Boy? – ST. VINCENT desconstrói o single do Chili Peppers em versão intimista

Ágata – FRDZ

“Fernández Ep” es la celebración del lanzamiento de un proyecto musical y visual que tiene como intención dar un sentido distinto a los diferentes conceptos que utilizamos en nuestro contexto social teniendo como medio el rock. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z9LR1_gxrPk

Rise Above – BLACK FAG

The "Absolutely Fabulous" Tribute to Black Flag! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYqGXUulvOk Jealous cowards try to controlRise above! We're gonna rise above!They distort what we sayRise above! We're gonna rise above!Try and stop what we doRise above! We're gonna rise above!When they can't do it themselvesRise above! We're gonna rise above! We are tired of your abuseTry to stop … Continuar lendo Rise Above – BLACK FAG

Is It Luck / Master of Puppets / Enter Sandman (live medley) – PRIMUS

A disgraceful combo made up of Bolsonaro and Covid. Is it luck? A master of puppets, a puppet himself, unrules the nation. Enter Inferno - and lasciate ogni speranza, voi ch'entrate. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8Ip8zwQ_iA My socks and shoes always matchIs It Luck?There's a foot at the end of each of my legsIs It Luck?I can play my … Continuar lendo Is It Luck / Master of Puppets / Enter Sandman (live medley) – PRIMUS


Electric Six é uma banda de rock americana formada em 1996, em Royal Oak, Michigan. A música deles foi descrita pela AllMusic como uma combinação de garage, disco, punk rock, new wave e metal. A banda alcançou o reconhecimento em 2003 com os singles "Danger! High Voltage" e "Gay Bar", e desde então lançou 14 … Continuar lendo Gay Bar – ELECTRIC SIX

Why Are Sundays So Depressing – THE STROKES

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r5iQzD2Bs5Y I sing a songI paint a pictureMy baby's goneAnd I don't miss herLike a swanI don't miss swimmingAll my friends leftAnd they don't miss me Can't take it, babeYour body talks to meLike in a movie, babeI let it resonate, yeah I want your time (Time, time)Don't ask me questions (Questions, questions)That you don't … Continuar lendo Why Are Sundays So Depressing – THE STROKES