Zé Cafofinho & Suas Correntes [Zeca Cafofinho & His Chains] create a sound that blends typical music and rhythms from Northeastern Brazil. The band's first album Um pé na meia, outro de fora [One foot within a sock, the other without one) featured the collaboration of several noteworthy musicians from the region such as Nação… Continue lendo ZÉ CAFOFINHO – Chorume


CYRO BAPTISTA’S BEAT THE DONKEY – Immigrant Song (Led Zeppelin cover)

Featuring Lisette Santiago (Vocals) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=84i4b0D9ejY Ah-ah, ah!Ah-ah, ah! We come from the land of the ice and snowFrom the midnight sun where the hot springs flowThe hammer of the godsWill drive our ships to new landsTo fight the horde, sing and cryValhalla, I am coming On we sweep with threshing oarOur only goal will be… Continue lendo CYRO BAPTISTA’S BEAT THE DONKEY – Immigrant Song (Led Zeppelin cover)