BABYMETAL – Karate (live @ Budokan 2021) BABYMETAL live at Budokan Doomsday I - X (4K Remastered) BABYMETAL are:SU-METALMOAMETAL Former member:YUIMETAL BABYMETAL | Karate | LIVE at Budokan 2021 (4K) Avenger:Momoko Okazaki Kami Band of the East:Takayoshi Ohmura (Guitar)ISAO (Guitar)BOH (Bass)Hideki Aoyama (Drums) Video Source:10 BABYMETAL BUDOKAN - Doomsday I - X Audio Source:10 BABYMETAL BUDOKAN - Doomsday VIII


We attached barcode scanners to skateboards and make sounds with the scanned electrical signals. We skateplayed huge barcodes🛹┃┃┃┃ ー バーコードリーダーをスケートボードに取りつけ、スキャンした電気信号で音を鳴らす。巨大バーコードを滑り鳴らしました🛹┃┃┃┃ Played by Ei Wada & Masataka Takesue in 北九州未来創造芸術祭Created the BARCODE-BOARDING by Ei Wada × 北九州スケートボード協会Cooperation │ UMIE+NEWOLD, Hideki Tanaka, Shiro Yamamoto ++++++本作品の使用条件はクリエイティブ・コモンズ・ライセンスの下で許諾されています。 作品を使用する際は、「ELECTRONICOS FANTASTICOS!」と「作品タイトル」を表示し、下記の使用条件を必ずお守りください。 「クリエイティブ・コモンズ 表示-非営利-継承 4.0 国際」

TEKE TEKE: Full Live Performance on KEXP at Home

TEKE::TEKE is a 7 piece band featuring a Shinobue (traditional Japanese Bamboo flute), a Taisho Koto and a trombone alongside fuzzy guitars and a rhythm section to create a sound reminiscent of 1960’s – 70’s era psychedelic Japanese soundtracks, while remaining undeniably modern and punk. Their debut album entitled ‘Shirushi’ (or ‘signs of great changes… Continue lendo TEKE TEKE: Full Live Performance on KEXP at Home

Wa-Kah! Chico / Suki Suki Suki – SADISTIC MIKA BAND

Sadistic Mika Band (サディスティック・ミカ・バンド) was a Japanese rock group formed in 1972. Its name is a parody of the "Plastic Ono Band". Produced by Masatoshi Hashiba on Toshiba-EMI Records (now EMI Music Japan), the band was led by the then husband and wife team of guitarist Kazuhiko Katō, and his wife, singer Mika Fukui [ja].… Continue lendo Wa-Kah! Chico / Suki Suki Suki – SADISTIC MIKA BAND

マキシマム ザ ホルモン [Maximum The Hormone] – これからの麺カタコッテリの話をしよう [Let’s Talk About the Future – Noodle Catacotelli] Awaited 2nd brand new music video, “Maximum the Hormone II -Let’s Talk about Menkata Cottelee-” was released on MTH official YouTube channel. Maximum the Ryokun was diagnosed as complication of lifestyle-related diseases and warned that he was going to die if he wouldn’t change his lifestyle by a medical doctor. So Maximum the Ryokun… Continue lendo マキシマム ザ ホルモン [Maximum The Hormone] – これからの麺カタコッテリの話をしよう [Let’s Talk About the Future – Noodle Catacotelli]

えいりあん [Alien] – マキシマム ザ ホルモン [Maximum The Hormone]

Maximum The Hormone é uma banda japonesa criada em 1998 por Daisuke Tsuda e Kawakita Nawo, juntamente com antigos membros Sugi e Key. Depois de um par de shows regionais, a banda assinou um contrato com o rótulo de rock japonês Sky Records. A.S.A. Crew foi o primeiro álbum lançado sob esse rótulo e foi… Continue lendo えいりあん [Alien] – マキシマム ザ ホルモン [Maximum The Hormone]

Sakura [Cherry Blossoms]: Traditional Music of Japan – Classical Koto Music 日本の伝統音楽 Famous traditional classic music of Japan; Koto strings. "Sakura (cherry blossoms)".

Osaka Ramones (2011) – SHONEN KNIFE Tracklisting Blitzkrieg BopRock’N’Roll High SchoolWe Want The AirwavesShe’s The OneRockaway BeachSheena Is A Punk RockerScattergunPsycho TherapyThe KKK Took My Baby AwayWe’re A Happy FamilyChinese RockBeat On The BratPinhead

Rock ‘N Roll High School – SHONEN KNIFE

Tribute to The Ramones by Shonen Knife, the Osaka Ramones Rock, rock, rock, rock, rock 'n' roll high schoolWell, I don't care about historyRock, rock, rock 'n' roll high school'Cause that's not where I wanna beRock, rock, rock 'n' roll high schoolI just wanna have some kicksI just wanna get some chicksRock, rock, rock,… Continue lendo Rock ‘N Roll High School – SHONEN KNIFE