Variation – Munkh-Erdene MUNKH-ERDENE Chuluunbat Mongolia' s award winning board harp player*******Munkh-Erdene was born in 1975 in Ulaanbaatar, 1988-1994 went to Music College of Ulaanbaatar.Since 1994 she has been teaching at Music College and at the same time worked by Morin Khuur orchestra and Folk Song and Dance Ensemble.Ch. Munkh - Erdene' s performance on the Curved … Continuar lendo Variation – Munkh-Erdene

TENGGER CAVALRY: Nomadic Metal from Mongolia

Tengger Cavalry is a heavy metal band originated from Inner Mongolia and Beijing and currently based in New York state and Texas. They combine elements of the traditional music of Central Asia and music of Mongolia with heavy metal into a kind of folk metal that Billboard and CNN refer to as nomadic folk metal. Some of its members have the vocal skill known as Tuvan throat chanting, originated from the country of … Continuar lendo TENGGER CAVALRY: Nomadic Metal from Mongolia