PRAXIS – Blast / War Machine Dub

Praxis is the name of an experimental rock project, led by producer/bassist Bill Laswell and featuring guitarist Buckethead and drummer Brain in nearly every incarnation of the band. The group worked with many other artists such as Serj Tankian from System of a Down, Iggy Pop, DXT and DJ Disk. Bill Laswell initially used… Continue lendo PRAXIS – Blast / War Machine Dub

CARDIACS – Obvious Identity (live)

Cardiacs have released five studio albums and two extended plays along with a number of singles, compilations, live albums and demos. The group was formed by brothers Jim and Tim Smith in 1977, under the name Cardiac Arrest, releasing a self-titled debut EP in 1979 and the demo album The Obvious Identity the following year.… Continue lendo CARDIACS – Obvious Identity (live)

ALAMAAILMAN VASARAT – Huuro Kolkko (2009)

Alamaailman Vasarat ("The Hammers of the Underworld") is an avant-garde Finnish musical group formed in 1997. Their music is influenced by European folk, klezmer, jazz and metal. The band's founder Jarno Sarkula (photo) died on 12 July 2020 in Portugal. Alamaailman Vasarat are: Jarno Sarkula (sopranino, soprano, alto, tenor, bass and contrabass saxophones, clarinet, contrabass… Continue lendo ALAMAAILMAN VASARAT – Huuro Kolkko (2009)

The Genius of Mr. Bungle

If you're listening to a Mr. Bungle song and you don't like it, wait 20 seconds and the song will change. Mr. Bungle is an American experimental rock band formed in Eureka, California in 1985. Having gone through many incarnations throughout their career, the band is best known for their experimental rock period. During… Continue lendo The Genius of Mr. Bungle

HIGH CASTLE TELEORKESTRA – The Egg That Never Opened: Radio Free Albemuth part. 1 (2022)

HCT's brand new debut album, out now (2022). 1.The Egg That Never Opened2.Ich Bin's3.The Aramchek Accusation4.Valisystem A5.At Last He Will6.The Days of Blue Jeans Were Gone7.Diagnosing Johnny8.Placentia9.Klawpeels: Mission Checkup10.Mutual Hazard Line-upChris Bogen - guitars, keyboards, lap steel (1,4,7,9), melodica (2), noise collages (1, 5, 8, 9)Stian Carstensen - accordion, pedal steel (1,2,4,9), vocals (1),… Continue lendo HIGH CASTLE TELEORKESTRA – The Egg That Never Opened: Radio Free Albemuth part. 1 (2022)

“I Am The Last Of All The Field That Fell” (2014) Current 93 album ft. Nick Cave, Antony Hegarty, John Zorn and more

Factmag, 4 November 2013 Current 93‘s forthcoming album I Am The Last Of All The Field That Fell was announced last month, but little more than the title itself was revealed Now we’ve been treated with a litany of information, and the album is looking like an absolute monster. As usual David Tibet takes his position as bandleader… Continue lendo “I Am The Last Of All The Field That Fell” (2014) Current 93 album ft. Nick Cave, Antony Hegarty, John Zorn and more

CURRENT 93 – Soft Black Stars (1998)

Soft Black Stars (1998) is an album by Current 93. The title refers to an image found in "Teatro Grottesco", a story by Thomas Ligotti. Virtually all of the music on this album was written and adapted by Michael Cashmore, David Tibet and Maja Elliott, with the exception of "Judas as Black Moth", "A Gothic… Continue lendo CURRENT 93 – Soft Black Stars (1998)

Who is David Tibet? The Artist Behind CURRENT 93 (Docvmentary)

David Tibet, a British poet, artist, and founder of the music group Current 93, opened his first ever art exhibit in America. The exhibit titled Invocation of Almost showcased a large selection of paintings, drawings, and sculptures reflecting Tibet's interest and study of Coptic and Akkadian texts, shamanism, and spirituality. WHO IS DAVID TIBET?… Continue lendo Who is David Tibet? The Artist Behind CURRENT 93 (Docvmentary)

NURSE WITH WOUND – Thrill of Romance…? / Ketamineaphonia

Nurse With Wound is a London, UK based music band, formed in 1978 by Steven Stapleton, John Fothergill and Heeman Pathak. Their early recordings, all made quickly, were heavily influenced by free jazz and krautrock and were generally considered industrial music, despite the objections of the group. By 1981, only Stapleton was left from the original trio and he now regards… Continue lendo NURSE WITH WOUND – Thrill of Romance…? / Ketamineaphonia

NURSE WITH WOUND – Wisecrack / Brained

For almost forty years Steven Stapleton and friends have been sculpting dramatic dream worlds for our exploration and delectation. On the eve of headlining this weekend’s Tusk Festival in Newcastle, UK, we take a quick ride through the stellar Stapleton system to skim the surface of ten of Nurse With World’s key releases.THE QUIETUS – Russell… Continue lendo NURSE WITH WOUND – Wisecrack / Brained