SINÉAD O’CONNOR – Nothing Compares 2 U (live)

MUCH LOVE It’s been seven hours and 15 daysSince you took your love awayI go out every night and sleep all daySince you took your love awaySince you been gone, I can do whatever I wantI can see whomever I chooseI can eat my dinner in a fancy restaurantBut nothingI said nothing can take… Continue lendo SINÉAD O’CONNOR – Nothing Compares 2 U (live)

ALPHAVILLE – Welcome to the Sun

Alphaville é um grupo musical alemão de synth-pop que ganhou popularidade nos anos 1980. Antes de se tornar Alphaville, a banda chamava-se "Forever Young", cuja tradução do inglês é "jovem para sempre", que mais tarde seria o título de um dos trabalhos mais lembrados da banda. Dentre seus maiores sucessos, destacam-se as canções "Big in… Continue lendo ALPHAVILLE – Welcome to the Sun

IRMA THOMAS – Anyone Who Knows What Love Is (Black Mirror ST) AnyoneAnyoneAnyoneAnyone You can blame meTry to shame meAnd still I'll care for you You can run aroundEven put me downStill I'll be there for you The worldMay think I'm foolishThey can't see youLike I can Oh but anyoneWho knows what love isWill understand AnyoneAnyoneAnyoneI just feel so sorry (anyone)For the onesWho pity me'… Continue lendo IRMA THOMAS – Anyone Who Knows What Love Is (Black Mirror ST)


"Crying" is a song written by Roy Orbison and Joe Melson for Orbison's third studio album of the same name (1962). Released in 1961, it was a number 2 hit in the US for Orbison and was covered in 1980 by Don McLean, whose version went to number 1 in the UK. The true greatness… Continue lendo ROY ORBISON / DON McLEAN – Crying

NICK CAVE & WARREN ELLIS – We Are Not Alone (La Panthère des Neiges) Invada Records and Lakeshore Records are set to release the original score by Nick Cave and Warren Ellis to the forthcoming film La Panthère Des Neiges digitally December 17. The soundtrack is one of Ellis and Cave’s most heartfelt and haunting film projects. Lakeshore Records will release the album digitally in the Americas and… Continue lendo NICK CAVE & WARREN ELLIS – We Are Not Alone (La Panthère des Neiges)

NICK CAVE & WARREN ELLIS – Balcony Man (lyric video)

What doesn't kill you just makes you crazier.Nick Cave What am I to believe? I’m the balcony man Where everything is ordinary until it is not I’m the balcony man I am two hundred pounds of packed ice Sitting on a chair and in the morning sun Putting on my tap dancing shoes Oh… Continue lendo NICK CAVE & WARREN ELLIS – Balcony Man (lyric video)


Emma Ruth Rundle (born October 10, 1983) is an American singer-songwriter, guitarist and visual artist based in Portland, Oregon. Formerly of the Nocturnes, she has released three solo albums and is a member of Red Sparowes and Marriages. [Verse 1]A rich belief that no one sees youYour ribbon cut from all the fates andSome… Continue lendo EMMA RUTH RUNDLE – Return

FUGAZI – I’m So Tired

"I understand all too well Wordsworth’s description of Coleridge: eternal activity without action." (Emil Cioran) Out here I can barely see my breathSurrounded by jealousy and deathI can't be reached, only had one callDragged underneath, separate from you all this time I've lost my own returnIn spite of everything I've learnedI hid my tracks,… Continue lendo FUGAZI – I’m So Tired

NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS – O Children (live)

Abattoir Blues / The Lyre of Orpheus (2004) é o décimo terceiro álbum de Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds. É um álbum duplo com dezessete faixas, sendo nove no Abattoir Blues e oito no The Lyre of Orpheus. "O Children" é a oitava e última faixa do segundo disco. Pass me that lovely… Continue lendo NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS – O Children (live)

THE DRESDEN DOLLS – Me & The Minibar Bring two prix fixe dinners upI'll unwrap the plastic cupsIt's just us my loveIt's just us my love I will make the room up nicePut your insides all on iceIt was real true loveIt was real true love Close all the windowsPut signs on the handlesAnd strip down to my dun-dun-dunsYou have gone so… Continue lendo THE DRESDEN DOLLS – Me & The Minibar