The Power of Love – FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD Here's the original video for Frankie Goes To Hollywood's 1984 seasonal Number One, The Power Of Love. Not ostensibly a seasonal song, it has become one of UK's favourite festive sounds and that journey began with this clever and highly evocative promo. I'll protect you from the hooded clawKeep the vampires from your doorAy, … Continuar lendo The Power of Love – FRANKIE GOES TO HOLLYWOOD

Loves Bites – DEF LEPPARD If you've got love in your sightsWatch out, love bitesWhen you make love, do you look in your mirror?Who do you think of?Does he look like me?Do you tell lies?And say that it's forever?Do you think twice, or just touch and see?Ooh, babeOoh, yeahWhen you're alone, do you let go?Are you wild and willing … Continuar lendo Loves Bites – DEF LEPPARD


The fascist wave will pass, sooner or later. Dream on, dreamers. Every time when I look in the mirrorAll these lines on my face getting clearerThe past is goneIt went by, like dusk to dawnIsn't that the wayEverybody's got the dues in life to payI know nobody knowsWhere it comes and where it goesI … Continuar lendo Dream On – AEROSMITH

Adhesive – STONE TEMPLE PILOTS My friend Blue he runs the show with hot pink purple china glowHis family trees are molded no longer grows in summerHe holds it closer lets it go Picks a fruit but keeps it wholeCan't keep the submarine Can't keep the light from fadingGrab the hate and drown it outGrab the beat and drum … Continuar lendo Adhesive – STONE TEMPLE PILOTS

Aquellas pequeñas cosas – Marta Gómez Uno se creeQue las mató el tiempo y la ausenciaPero su trenVendió boletoDe ida y vuelta Son aquellas pequeñas cosasQue nos dejó un tiempo de rosasEn un rincónEn un papelO en un cajón Como un ladrónTe acechan detrásDe la puertaTe tienen tanA su mercedComo hojas muertas Que el viento arrastra allá o aquíQue te … Continuar lendo Aquellas pequeñas cosas – Marta Gómez

Under the bridge – Red Hot Chili Peppers Sometimes I feel like I don't have a partner Sometimes I feel like my only friend Is the city I live in, the city of angels Lonely as I am, together we cry I drive on her streets 'cause she's my companion I walk through her hills 'cause she knows who I am She … Continuar lendo Under the bridge – Red Hot Chili Peppers

I could have lied – Red Hot Chili Peppers

It's so unsettling (and disappointing) to see the mental age regression of the Chili Peppers throughout the years (since the 2000's): a teenage pop band. Playback on Superbowl? Nah... Maybe this is their last (or one before the last) profound album. Likely to be my favorite (alongside "Mother's Milk" and "The uplift mofo party plan").  … Continuar lendo I could have lied – Red Hot Chili Peppers

Home sweet home – MÖTLEY CRÜE

To be born is to become exiled in a profound, essential way. One's lifetime amounts to the duration of a return home, back to the original identity (is, am, are) lost in becoming (separation, division, fragmentation, dispersion).The Self is a chez soi from which one is expelled, hindered or altogether unable to turn back inside … Continuar lendo Home sweet home – MÖTLEY CRÜE

Retrovertigo – Mr. Bungle Before you advertise All the fame is implied With no fortune unseen Sell the rights To your blight Time-machine While I'm dulled by excess And a cynic at best My art imitates crime Paid for by The allies So invest Now I'm finding truth is a ruin Nauseous end that nobody is pursuing Staring … Continuar lendo Retrovertigo – Mr. Bungle