ANDINA is a music film documenting a once in a lifetime performance by the Butoh Dancer and Artist Atsushi Takenouchi, and showcasing the debut release of the musician STAY LO. Atsushi Takenouchi expressed his interpretation of STAY LO’s, ANDINA, in a one off, exclusive UK performance, which was open to the general public. ANDINA… Continue lendo Andina – STAY LO X ATSUSHI TAKENOUCHI

BUTOH: Body on the Edge of Crisis [docvmentary]

Although Butoh is often viewed as Japan's equivalent of modern dance, in actuality it has little to do with the rational principles of modernism. Butoh is a theater of improvisation which places the personal experiences of the dancer on center-stage. The dancer is used as a medium to his or her inner life, but not… Continue lendo BUTOH: Body on the Edge of Crisis [docvmentary]

Butoh Dance – Conan Amok’s Twist On The Japanese Performance Art Form

Butoh Dance is a journey through the character and mind of Conan Amok, a contemporary Butoh dancer who takes his traditional Japanese performance art and philosophy onto the neon and gritty streets of Shibuya, Tokyo. A former member of the prestigious Dairakudakan Butoh group, Amok is a key figure in pushing the art of Butoh… Continue lendo Butoh Dance – Conan Amok’s Twist On The Japanese Performance Art Form

EGYPTIAN LOVER – Poppers Anthem

Popper's Anthem Music Video from the Album 1984 by The Egyptian Lover. Filmed on the streets of Los Angeles. Directed by Jerry "Lalo" Sanchez. Having its roots in the late 1970s funk era, popping is commonly danced to funk and disco music. Popular artists include Zapp, Dayton, Dazz Band and Cameo. During the 1980s,… Continue lendo EGYPTIAN LOVER – Poppers Anthem

EDUARDO FUKUSHIMA – Como superar o grande cansaço? | Festival Panorama 2013 Panorama 2013 | Como superar o grande cansaço? :: Eduardo FukushimaCaixa Cultural - Teatro de Arena08 nov e 09 nov 19h

EDUARDO FUKUSHIMA – Homem Torto / Crooked Man [dance performance]

Homem Torto é um dos solos do dançarino Eduardo Fukushima, com música de Tom Monteiro e luz de Hideki Matsuka. Esse trabalho foi criado residência de um ano em Taiwan entre 2012 e 2013 com o prêmio Rolex Mentor & Protégé Art Initiative, com orientação do coreógrafo Lin Hwai-min, fundador da Cloud Gate Dance Theatre… Continue lendo EDUARDO FUKUSHIMA – Homem Torto / Crooked Man [dance performance]

DREAM IMAGE – Sounds like a Melody (Alphaville cover)

A song that went straight up in 1984. For us it was a challenge to re-produce this song true to the original. Many thanks to Alphaville for this very nice hit. Voice : Junior Paes - Thanks for the beautiful voice .Thanks to koolshooters for the choreography.Produced by Dream "Sounds like a Melody" -… Continue lendo DREAM IMAGE – Sounds like a Melody (Alphaville cover)

PARAM – The ultimate promo 2021 – Sridevi Nrithyalaya – Bharathanatyam Dance

Param is a thematic presentation which showcases the union of the Primal principles, Purusha and Prakruthi; that which is the cause, origin, sustenance and the end of the worlds. Siva, the Cosmic Dancer represents Purusha and Sakthi, His Consort represents Prakruthi. Sridevi Nrithyalaya will present PARAM in the Bharatanatya Margam format, which will establish that… Continue lendo PARAM – The ultimate promo 2021 – Sridevi Nrithyalaya – Bharathanatyam Dance


Agarrate Catalina es una murga uruguaya fundada en el año 2001. En el año 2003 hacen su debut en el Carnaval mayor, y desde entonces obtienen el primer lugar del concurso oficial en los años 2005, 2006, 2008, 2011 y 2020 Su director responsable es Yamandú Cardozo, y los textos son realizados por el mismo… Continue lendo AGARRATE CATALINA – Montevideo

Nataraja Pathu – Tamil hymns on Nataraja | Sridevi Nrithyalaya (English svbs)

This hymn is a dialogue that the devotee engages in with the Lord. Where all is fair in this inexplicable relationship of the Lord and the devotee, the latter sometimes cries, sometimes chides, at times introspects and at other times, even commands, seeking answers to the questionable transciences and striving to become one with the… Continue lendo Nataraja Pathu – Tamil hymns on Nataraja | Sridevi Nrithyalaya (English svbs)