Crying – ROY ORBISON & KD LANG I was all right for awhileI could smile for awhileThen I saw you last nightYou held my hand so tightWhen you stopped to say, "Hello"You wished me wellYou couldn't tellThat I'd been crying over youCrying over youThen you said "So long"Left me standing all aloneAlone and cryingCrying, crying, cryingIt's hard to understandThat the touch … Continuar lendo Crying – ROY ORBISON & KD LANG

Hazy Jane II – NICK DRAKE And what will happen in the morning when the world it getsSo crowded that you can't look out the window in the morning.What will happen in the evening in the forest with the weaselWith the teeth that bite so sharp when you're not looking in the evening.And all the friends that you once knew … Continuar lendo Hazy Jane II – NICK DRAKE

Mad World – GARY JULES

Gary Jules Aguirre Jr é um cantor e compositor norte-americano, ficou conhecido pelo cover que fez de Tears for Fears com o terceiro single "Mad World", gravado em parceria de seu amigo Michael Andrews, para o filme Donnie Darko. All around me are familiar facesWorn out places, worn out facesBright and early for the … Continuar lendo Mad World – GARY JULES

Sea Change (2002) – BECK

Sea Change is the eighth studio album by American musician Beck, released on September 24, 2002 by Geffen Records. Recorded over a two-month period in Los Angeles with producer Nigel Godrich, the album features themes of heartbreak and desolation, solitude, and loneliness. For the album, much of Beck's trademark cryptic and ironic lyrics were replaced … Continuar lendo Sea Change (2002) – BECK

When I Go Away – LEVON HELM Early in the morningA-when the church bells tollThe choir's gonna singAnd the hearse will rollOn down to the graveyardWhere it's cold and grayAnd then the sun's gonna shineThrough the shadowsWhen I go awayDon't want no sorrowFor this old orphan boyI don't want no cryingOnly tears of joyI'm gonna see my motherGonna see my fatherAnd … Continuar lendo When I Go Away – LEVON HELM

Love Is Stronger Than Justice – STING

"O amor é mais forte que a justiçaO amor é mais espesso que sangueO amor é um grande rio, inundação"STING, "Love is stronger than justice" (Ten Summoner's Tales) This is a story of seven brothersWe had a the same father but different mothersWe keep together like a family shouldRoaming the country for the common … Continuar lendo Love Is Stronger Than Justice – STING

Seven Days – STING

Ten Summoner's Tales é o quarto álbum de estúdio do cantor Sting, lançado a 9 de Março de 1993. O disco ganhou dois Grammy Award, um na categoria "Best Male Pop Vocal Performance" com a música "If I Ever Lose My Faith in You" e outro na categoria "Best Engineered Recording, Non Classical". "Seven … Continuar lendo Seven Days – STING

Carnaval de Brasil – ANDRÉS CALAMARO La musa es una sola musaO es una serpiente de muchas cabezas,Los buscadores de promesas,La tientan con cerveza,Si se va puede volver, el día menos pensado,Para darle su consuelo , al poeta mal hablado. No son mujeres ausentes, no son cuchillos en los dientes,No son martes de carnaval de Brasil,No son canciones urgentes,No son … Continuar lendo Carnaval de Brasil – ANDRÉS CALAMARO

Most of the time – BOB DYLAN Most of the timeI'm clear focused all aroundMost of the timeI can keep both feet on the groundI can follow the pathI can read the signsStay right with itWhen the road unwindsI can handle whateverI stumble uponI don't even noticeShe's goneMost of the timeMost of the timeIt's well understoodMost of the timeI wouldn't change … Continuar lendo Most of the time – BOB DYLAN