DEAD CROSS – It’s Catching Up (live) | NoMeansNo (cover)

"It's Catching Up" is taken from Wrong (1989), the fourth album by Canadian punk rock band Nomeansno. The dead walk.....Do you hear that sound?Do you hear that sound?Like fingers scratching undergroundDo you hear that sound?That slamming door?I've fought it all my lifeBut I can't fight it anymoreIt's catching up, I'm fuckedA dead duck, shit… Continue lendo DEAD CROSS – It’s Catching Up (live) | NoMeansNo (cover)



"Proud Mary" is a song by American rock band Creedence Clearwater Revival written by John Fogerty. It was released as a single in January 1969 by Fantasy Records and on the band's second studio album, Bayou Country. The song became a major hit in the United States, peaking at No. 2 on the Billboard Hot… Continue lendo ARUNDEL SCHOOL CHOIR (ZIMBABWE) – Proud Mary (Tina Turner)

TINA TURNER – The Best (1989)

"The Best" is a song by Welsh singer Bonnie Tyler from her seventh studio album, Hide Your Heart (1988). It was written by Holly Knight and Mike Chapman. Produced by Desmond Child, Tyler's version became a top-10 hit in Norway but was a minor hit elsewhere. In 1989, American singer Tina Turner released a cover… Continue lendo TINA TURNER – The Best (1989)


Andalucious Ensemble plays "Hassebni Khoud Krak", originally by the Algerian musician Dahmane El Harrachi (دحمان الحراشي), at Musica Vesheket Studio, Jerusalem. Dahmane El Harrachi (real name Abderrahmane Amrani), (July 7, 1926 – August 31, 1980), was an Algerian Chaâbi singer of Chaoui origin. His song Ya Rayah made him the best exported and most translated… Continue lendo ANDALUCIOUS ENSEMBLE – Hassebni Khoud Krak

INFLECTIONS – Ars Moriendi (Mr. Bungle cover)

California (1999) is the third studio album by American experimental rock band Mr. Bungle. This season closes off with one of my favourite songs, from possibly my favourite album of all time. It is mostly guitar, I wanted more of a thrash metal approach to this song as that is more akin to the… Continue lendo INFLECTIONS – Ars Moriendi (Mr. Bungle cover)

PRETENDERS & SHIRLEY MANSON – I’m Only Happy When It Rains (live)

Garbage is an American rock band formed in 1993 in Madison, Wisconsin. The band's line-up—consisting of Scottish singer Shirley Manson (vocals) and American musicians Duke Erikson (guitar, bass, keyboards), Steve Marker (guitar, keyboards), and Butch Vig (drums, production)—has remained unchanged since its inception. All four members are involved in the songwriting and production process. Garbage… Continue lendo PRETENDERS & SHIRLEY MANSON – I’m Only Happy When It Rains (live)

LENINGRAD COWBOYS – Rockin’ In The Free World (live)

The Leningrad Cowboys are a Finnish rock band who perform rock and roll covers of other songs. They have exaggerated pompadour hairstyles and wear long, pointy shoes. They often work with the Russian military band the Alexandrov Ensemble. "Rockin' in the Free World" is a song by Canadian-American singer, musician and songwriter Neil Young, released… Continue lendo LENINGRAD COWBOYS – Rockin’ In The Free World (live)

SUBLIME – Smoke Two Joints (1992)

"Smoke Two Joints" is a song originally written by The Toyes, who performed it in traditional reggae style and released it in 1983. According to The Toyes, "one fine fall day on a small island" of Oahu in Hawaii, two of the band members, Mawg and Sky, were sitting under a large banyan tree on… Continue lendo SUBLIME – Smoke Two Joints (1992)

OTU SUURMUNNE – If Korn wrote Gorillaz’ ‘Feel Good Inc.’ | Moonic Productions

Regardless of their original genre and rhythm, some songs have an enormous potential to be adapted to other particular music genres and rhythms, and end up sounding just as natural, just as original. It would seem as though these alternative versions existed since always, as derived Platonic forms just waiting to be fulfilled. On the… Continue lendo OTU SUURMUNNE – If Korn wrote Gorillaz’ ‘Feel Good Inc.’ | Moonic Productions

EL ESTEPARIO SIBERIANO – Everybody Wants To Rule The World | Tears For Fears | Drvm cover

El Estepario Siberiano is a drummer and YouTuber from Valencia, Spain. He plays covers, gives drumming lessons and provides other social media content for YouTube and Instagram. He is known for his fast right foot and creative drumming style.