TYLER NAIL – When I Go Away (live)

Tyler Nail is a singer-songwriter from North Carolina, USA. A Tribute Show for the Singer / Drummer (Levon Helm) @ Ziggy's in Downtown Winston-Salem, NC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w4k_nFwwi8o Early in the morningWhen the church bells tollThe choir’s gonna singAnd the hearse will rollOn down to the graveyardWhere it’s cold and grayAnd then the sun’s gonna shineThrough the shadowsWhen… Continue lendo TYLER NAIL – When I Go Away (live)



Elles Bailey is an English blues rock singer, songwriter, and pianist. She has recorded five studio albums since her debut with Wildfire in 2017, winning several awards for her work. Taken from Elles Bailey's Blacktop Companion CD only release available from http://www.ellesbailey.com Blacktop Companion features 3 fully produced unheard tracks from the 'Road I Call… Continue lendo ELLES BAILEY – When I Go Away

LARKIN POE – Wicked Game (Chris Isaak)

Larkin Poe is an American roots rock band originally from north Georgia, currently based in Nashville, Tennessee, and fronted by sisters Rebecca Lovell (born January 30, 1991) and Megan Lovell (born May 12, 1989). Featuring strong southern harmonies, heavy electric guitar riffs, and slide guitar, they are often touted as "the little sisters of the… Continue lendo LARKIN POE – Wicked Game (Chris Isaak)

BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN – Nightshift (The Commodores)

An essential song selection in the early creation of Only The Strong Survive, the track inspired Springsteen, his producer Ron Aniello and engineer Rob Lebret to christen themselves “The Night Shift” while finishing this new record. “Nightshift” was first recorded by The Commodores on Motown Records in 1985, serving as a tribute to late soul music… Continue lendo BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN – Nightshift (The Commodores)

TEARS FOR FEARS – KCRW Live from The Village Studios (2022)

Whether Tears for Fears have been ruling your world since they dominated MTV in 1985 with their smash hit single “Shout” or you're more of the Donnie Darko type, chances are you’ve experienced a major life event made more profound by a soundtrack from Tears for Fears. Settle into our recent session with the legendary… Continue lendo TEARS FOR FEARS – KCRW Live from The Village Studios (2022)

R.E.M. – Shiny Happy People

"Shiny Happy People" is a song by the American rock band R.E.M. from their seventh studio album, Out of Time (1991). It features guest vocals by Kate Pierson of the B-52's, who also appears in the music video. According to the singer Michael Stipe, the lyrics are a satirical translation of the Chinese government's propaganda… Continue lendo R.E.M. – Shiny Happy People

LEMONHEADS – Mrs Robinson

The Lemonheads are an American alternative rock band formed in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1986 by Evan Dando, Ben Deily, and Jesse Peretz. Dando has remained the band's only constant member. After their initial punk-influenced releases and tours as an independent/college rock band in the late 1980s, the Lemonheads' popularity with a mass audience grew in… Continue lendo LEMONHEADS – Mrs Robinson


"Why worry" is taken from Brothers in Arms (1985). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=im2SoltmZEc Baby, I see this world has made you sadSome people can be badThe things they do, the things they say But baby, I'll wipe away those bitter tearsI'll chase away those restless fearsThat turn your blue skies into gray Why worryThere should be laughter after… Continue lendo DIRE STRAITS – Why Worry

TOM PETTY – Somewhere You Feel Free: The Making Of “Wildflowers”

In early 2020, a collection of 16mm film from 1993-95 was discovered in the archive of legendary artist Tom Petty. The film was shot while Tom was on a prolific songwriting streak for years making what he intended to be a double album called Wildflowers. Tom Petty was known for being reclusive about his personal… Continue lendo TOM PETTY – Somewhere You Feel Free: The Making Of “Wildflowers”

CHA EUN LALL – Change (Tracy Chapman)

"Change" is a song by Tracy Chapman featured in the album Where You Live (2005). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=shQMTw2YR_8 If you knew that you would die todayIf you saw the face of God and LoveWould you change?Would you change?If you knew that love can break your heartWhen you’re down so low you cannot fallWould you change?Would you change?… Continue lendo CHA EUN LALL – Change (Tracy Chapman)