SHATTER CLUB – Countdown (Pulp)

"Countdown" is taken from Pulp's Separations (1992) Oh I was seventeen,When I heard the countdown start, it started slowly,And I thought it was my heart but then I realised,That this time it was for real there was no place to hide,I had to go out and feel,But there was time to kill,And so I,… Continue lendo SHATTER CLUB – Countdown (Pulp)

EL ESTEPARIO SIBERIANO – Everybody Dance Now (C+C Music Factory)

25 Years Old, El Estepario Siberiano is an online drummer from Valencia, Spain who has been blowing up these last few months. He is creating covers, lessons, and other social media content for YouTube and Instagram. He is known for his fast right foot and creative drumming style. He is currently the drummer for the… Continue lendo EL ESTEPARIO SIBERIANO – Everybody Dance Now (C+C Music Factory)

SCATMAN JOHN – Ski-Ba-Bop-Ba-Dop-Bop [stvdio/live]

John Paul Larkin (March 13, 1942 – December 3, 1999), known professionally as Scatman John, was an American musician. A prolific jazz pianist and vocalist for several decades, he rose to prominence during the 1990s through his fusion of scat singing and dance music. He recorded five albums, which were released between 1986 and 2001.… Continue lendo SCATMAN JOHN – Ski-Ba-Bop-Ba-Dop-Bop [stvdio/live]

EUROTIX – Lies (Alphaville cover)

"Lies" by Eurotix is a cover of Alphaville's classic album track. Taken from the Eurotix EP Let's Die Young, out now on: BabyWhat do I doPlaying my tune for youJust to get you in the moodEverybody’s going to hollywoodYou’re driving me madBut I’m smiling to the crowd insteadA lot of money is at stake,This… Continue lendo EUROTIX – Lies (Alphaville cover)

RANDY BUSH – Sounds Like A Melody (Club Mix)

Randy Bush foi um projeto de euroreggae e eurodance produzido por Nicolosi, que também produziu artistas como Gloria Gaynor, Novecento e Tom Hooker. Lady Trisha, também conhecida como Patrizia Cavaliere, era a vocalista do grupo. Esse projeto fez muito sucesso no Brasil, conseguindo até mesmo a façanha de ter uma de suas músicas na trilha… Continue lendo RANDY BUSH – Sounds Like A Melody (Club Mix)

DEBORAH BLANDO – Decadence Avec Elegance

Deborah Salvatrice Blando é uma cantora, compositora e multi-instrumentista italiana, de ascendência ucraniana, naturalizada brasileira. Blando é poliglota; fala, compõe e canta em português, italiano, espanhol, ucraniano, alemão, inglês e francês. Reconhecida pelo tom suave, mas potente de sua voz, é recordista de vendas das trilhas sonoras de telenovelas, e é também conhecida por suas… Continue lendo DEBORAH BLANDO – Decadence Avec Elegance

RUKMINI VIJAYAKUMAR – Namami Yoga-Vidye | Raadha Kalpa Dance Company

Produced by: Center for Soft PowerSupported by: INDICA YOGA In Collaboration with:Raadha Kalpa Dance Concept, Choreography & Direction: Rukmini VijayakumarMusic Direction, Programming & Arrangements : Sai Shravanam.Music Composition : Dr.Rajkumar BharathiDirector of Photography: Vivian AmbroseResearch assistance: Vijayalakshmi Vijayakumar & Dr Vinayachandra Banavathy MUSICMusic Production: Sai Shravanam at Resound India.Vocal: Abhishek RaghuramKunnakol : Mahesh… Continue lendo RUKMINI VIJAYAKUMAR – Namami Yoga-Vidye | Raadha Kalpa Dance Company

THE HUMAN LEAGUE – Don’t You Want Me

Album: The Things That Dreams Are Made Of ℗ 1981 (Virgin Records) You were working as a waitress in a cocktail barWhen I met youI picked you out, I shook you upAnd turned you aroundTurned you into someone newNow five years later on you've got the world at your feetSuccess has been so easy… Continue lendo THE HUMAN LEAGUE – Don’t You Want Me

DAVID BOWIE – I’m Deranged (Jungle remix)

“I’m Deranged” is a song written by David Bowie and Brian Eno in 1995 for the album Outside. Musically and lyrically, it shares many themes with “Look Back in Anger” from Lodger (1979), including the appearance of an angel figure before an artist. The two songs were frequently played together during the 1995 Outside Tour. Two different versions of… Continue lendo DAVID BOWIE – I’m Deranged (Jungle remix)

I Love To Hate You – ERASURE

Erasure é uma dupla britânica de synthpop, formada na cidade de Londres em 1985 pelo tecladista e guitarrista Vince Clarke e pelo vocalista Andy Bell. Waoh Oh Oh Oh! Waoh Oh Oh Oh! Waoh Oh Oh Oh!Waoh Oh Oh Oh! Waoh Oh Oh Oh! Waoh Oh Oh Oh! I'm crazy flowing over with ideasA… Continue lendo I Love To Hate You – ERASURE