CHICO BUARQUE – Construção (1971)

Construção (1971) is the eighth studio album by Brazilian singer-songwriter Chico Buarque. It was composed in periods between Buarque's exile in Italy and his return to Brazil. Lyrically, the album is loaded with criticisms of the Brazilian military dictatorship, especially with regard to the censorship imposed by the government at the time. It is widely… Continue lendo CHICO BUARQUE – Construção (1971)



Antônio Pecci Filho (born July 6, 1946), better known as Toquinho, is a Brazilian singer and guitarist. He is well known for his collaborations, as composer and performer, with Vinicius de Moraes. Vinícius de Moraes (19 October 1913 – 9 July 1980), nicknamed O Poetinha ("The little poet"), was a Brazilian poet, diplomat, lyricist, essayist, musician, singer, and… Continue lendo TOQUINHO & VINÍCIUS DE MORAES – Como Dizia o Poeta

CHICO BUARQUE – Apesar de Você

"Apesar de Você" is a song written by Brazilian singer-songwriter Chico Buarque in 1970. The song, which implicitly approaches the suppression of freedom during the military dictatorship, was banned from being performed on Brazilian radio by the military government. However, it would be released eight years later, at the end of General Ernesto Geisel's government.… Continue lendo CHICO BUARQUE – Apesar de Você

SISTER IRENE O’CONNOR – Fire of God’s Love [fvll albvm] (1973)

Sister Irene O'Connor is an Australian Roman Catholic nun from the Franciscan Missionaries of Mary order (FMM), besides being a singer-songwriter and musician. In addition to traditional hymns, O'Connor is known for mixing religious music with popular music, most famously on the 1976 album Fire of God's Love. Sister Irene O'Connor recorded several albums… Continue lendo SISTER IRENE O’CONNOR – Fire of God’s Love [fvll albvm] (1973)

VINICIUS DE MORAES – Canto de Ossanha

Vinícius Moraes (1913-1980), nicknamed "O Poetinha" ("The little poet"), was a Brazilian poet, diplomat, lyricist, essayist, musician, singer, and playwright. With his frequent and diverse musical partners, including Antônio Carlos Jobim, his lyrics and compositions were instrumental in the birth and introduction to the world of bossa nova music. He recorded numerous albums, many in… Continue lendo VINICIUS DE MORAES – Canto de Ossanha

MARTINHO DA VILA – Festa de Umbanda (1974)

Martinho da Vila (born February 12, 1938) is a Brazilian singer and composer who is considered to be one of the main representatives of samba and MPB. He is a prolific songwriter, with hundreds of recorded songs across over 40 solo albums. He also has many songs that were recorded by singers from different musical… Continue lendo MARTINHO DA VILA – Festa de Umbanda (1974)

THE HUMAN LEAGUE – Almost Medieval

From The Human League's debut album Reproduction (1979). Reproduction contains nine tracks of electronic/synthpop with some elements of industrial music, and was recorded during six weeks at The Human League's studio in Sheffield. The recordings were co-produced by Colin Thurston, who had previously worked on some key recordings such as Iggy Pop's "Lust for Life"… Continue lendo THE HUMAN LEAGUE – Almost Medieval

MUSICALMENTE VINÍCIUS: Live in Italy (1978) – Fvll Concert

Tom Jobim, Vinicius de Moraes, Toquinho, and Miúcha, performing live in Italy, 1978. Vinicius de Moraes dances, makes jokes and introduces the songs in Italian. Samba de OrlyO pescadorSaudade de BahiaO marPedro…Tarde em ItapuãDesafinadoWaveSamba de uma nota sóAguas de marçoSamba do aviãoO que seráPoeta, poetinhaA gente vai levandoA FelicidadeAgua de beberGarota de IpanemaSei lá,… Continue lendo MUSICALMENTE VINÍCIUS: Live in Italy (1978) – Fvll Concert

SKAFISH – Disgracing The Family Name

Skafish is an American, Chicago-based punk band, fronted by Jim Skafish, cousin of Chicago area DJ Bobby Skafish. The band was formed in 1976 and had their first performance that November. In 1977, Billboard magazine printed a review of the band's performance as the opening act for Sha Na Na at Chicago's Arie Crown… Continue lendo SKAFISH – Disgracing The Family Name


Silver Convention were a German Euro disco recording act of the 1970s. The group was originally named Silver Bird Convention or Silver Bird. Don't leave me aloneDon't want to go homeThis girl is turning into a woman Blame it on the musicWe'll stay together tonightBlame it on the musicI never was feeling so rightBlame… Continue lendo SILVER CONVENTION – Blame It On The Music