GLITCH: A Film About Circuit Bending

Circuit bending is the creative, chance-based customization of the circuits within electronic devices such as low-voltage, battery-powered guitar effects, children's toys and digital synthesizers to create new musical or visual instruments and sound generators. Emphasizing spontaneity and randomness, the techniques of circuit bending have been commonly associated with noise music, though many more conventional… Continue lendo GLITCH: A Film About Circuit Bending

Воплі Відоплясова [Vopli Vidoplyasova] – Зв’язок [Communication] (1989)

Vopli Vidopliassova (Vidoplyasov's Screams), also shortened to VV, is a Ukrainian rock band. It was created in 1986 in Kyiv, in the Ukrainian SSR of the Soviet Union. The leader of the band is singer Oleh Skrypka. Vopli Vidopliasova are the founders of Ukrainian rock-n-roll style and neo-ethnic rock. Тримай зі мною зв"язок!Тримай зі… Continue lendo Воплі Відоплясова [Vopli Vidoplyasova] – Зв’язок [Communication] (1989)


If the legends are true, the first ever Sleaford Mods gig took place at a cafe near Nottingham Station in 2007. An apt place for Jason Williamson and Andrew Fearn to start their journey – one that has taken them around the world physically, to new places sonically and through the strangest times lyrically –… Continue lendo SLEAFORD MODS & AMY TAYLOR – Nudge It (live)


Written & performed by Tor MariesProducers - Tor Maries, James Trevascus, Geoff BarrowBass - Billy Fuller Director - Tia SalisburyProducer - Oliver Kendall Death - Spencer Jones DOP - Daniel BroadleyFocus Puller - James Copplestone FarmerGaffer - Dan HilltoutHair & Makeup - Isabel WhileArt Director - Georgia Quilty KentRunner - Katie Wright

HANNAH JADAGU – Full Performance (Live on KEXP)

What Is Going On? is the five-song collection of bedroom pop from singer, songwriter and producer Hannah Jadagu. Hailing from Mesquite, Texas and now residing in New York, the incredibly resourceful 18 year-old records and produces her music all through her iPhone 7. Using Garageband iOS, an iRig, microphone, and guitar, Jadagu has found a process… Continue lendo HANNAH JADAGU – Full Performance (Live on KEXP)

SAFE NO MORE – The Real Thing (FNM cover)

From the self-titled album (1989) by Faith No More I know the feelingIt is the real thingThe essence of the soul The perfect momentThat golden momentI know you feel it too I know the feelingIt is the real thingYou can't refuse the embraceNo It's like the pattern below the skinYou gotta reach out and… Continue lendo SAFE NO MORE – The Real Thing (FNM cover)

BILLY NOMATES – Making Plans 4 Nigel (not going to the beach)

Billy Nomate's version of XTC's "Making plans for Nigel" (1979). From her album Bits (2020). We’re only making plans for NigelNigel just needs this helping hand And if young Nigel says he’s happyHe must be happyHe must be happy We’re only making plans for NigelHe has his future in a British steel And if… Continue lendo BILLY NOMATES – Making Plans 4 Nigel (not going to the beach)

CIRCLE JERKS – Wild In The Streets

Wild in the Streets is the second studio album by American hardcore punk band Circle Jerks. It was released on March 4, 1982 by Faulty Products, a sub-label of I.R.S. Records. In 1988, the album was remixed and reissued on Frontier Records, both on its own in cassette and vinyl formats, and paired with the… Continue lendo CIRCLE JERKS – Wild In The Streets

HO99O9 – Live @ Boiler Room

Ho99o9 (pronounced Horror) is an American hip hop/punk rock group founded by the OGM and Eaddy in 2012 in Newark, New Jersey. They relocated to Los Angeles in 2014. They attracted a cult following on account of their live performance and began collaborating with Ian Longwell who plays drums and produces for Santigold. In 2016,… Continue lendo HO99O9 – Live @ Boiler Room

Bikini Kill, the Linda Lindas and a 30-year riot | PBS NewsHour

As founder and frontwoman of seminal bands Bikini Kill and Le Tigre, Kathleen Hanna led the way for countless artists looking to meld art and activism. NewsHour Weekend’s Christopher Booker reports on how the punk rock legend inspired generations of musicians and feminists.