SLEAFORD MODS Live on KEXP at Home: Performance & Interview http://KEXP.ORG​ presents Sleaford Mods, sharing a live performance recorded exclusively for KEXP and talking to DJ Morgan. Recorded April 7, 2021. Songs: ElocutionTop RoomI Don't Rate YouMork n Mindy Session recorded at JT Soars, Nottingham, UKDirector: Ian Tatham (Sonder Design)Film Crew: Ian Tatham & Dave Woodhead (Sonder Design)Editing: Dave Woodhead (Sonder Design)Audio Mixing/ Sound … Continuar lendo SLEAFORD MODS Live on KEXP at Home: Performance & Interview

The Air-Conditioned Nightmare – HERMIT THE FRAUD

I always knew that these California acoustic covers weren't really going to work. Here's further proof. You may notice that I threw a bit of reverb on the audio track in post. Stop noticing that. Don't judge me. Inside of me todayThere is no oneOnly asteroids and empty spaceA waste…They're looking through the windows … Continuar lendo The Air-Conditioned Nightmare – HERMIT THE FRAUD

La Vie en Rose – EMMET COHEN TRIO & CYRILLE AIMÉE Cyrille Aimée with the Emmet Cohen Trio | La Vie En Rose Kyle Poole - drums Russell Hall - bass Subscribe to My Newsletter:​Join Emmet Cohen Exclusive Membership:​

DAFT PUNK – Contact (Drum Cover by Tobbe Gustafson) Tobbe Gustafson playing along to the song Contact by Daft Punk. Drum kit is Roland TD-4KX2. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED Contact - Daft Punk from the 2013 release Random Access Memories © Columbia/Sony

How Man on Man Created a DIY Album During the Pandemic

ROLLING STONE, April 15, 2021 The duo — couple Roddy Bottum and Joey Holman — also debut their latest video for the song “It’s So Fun (to Be Gay)”, from their Man on Man album, out May 9th When Faith No More keyboardist Roddy Bottum and his boyfriend Joey Holman visited Oxnard, California, a town 60 miles … Continuar lendo How Man on Man Created a DIY Album During the Pandemic

Journey to Mars – JAN TERRI Come and take a journey to MarsWe'll show you places you've never beenWe'll go to places in your wildest dreamsIt'll be such an adventure for you So come on, we'll show you the wayCome on, let's go way above the skyBeyond the clouds It's a great adventure for youSo come on, take a journey … Continuar lendo Journey to Mars – JAN TERRI

Ave Maria – JAN TERRI

Jan Terri (born June 17, 1959 in Chicago) is an Chicago underground musician who is famous for his VHS music videos. She is behind two albums; Baby Blues (1993) and High Risk (1994). The studio albums came out along with several music videos. In recent times, her videos have had a renaissance on YouTube. Terri … Continuar lendo Ave Maria – JAN TERRI

HIGH CASTLE TELEORKESTRA [HCT] – Kickstarter for Band Launch (2021)

For those who know and appreciate Estradasphere's music, some very good news: High Castle Teleorkestra is a fresh collaborative project — a music ensemble — formed of 3 Estradasphere members (Tim Smolens on bass, Dave Murray on drums, Timba Harris on violins), 2 former Mr. Bungle members (Bär McKinnon on sax, Danny Heifetz on drums), … Continuar lendo HIGH CASTLE TELEORKESTRA [HCT] – Kickstarter for Band Launch (2021)

CYRO BAPTISTA – Solos: The Jazz Sessions Brazilian percussionist Cyro Baptista performs on SOLOS: the jazz sessions. Visit: YouTube channel: beautifulnoise08