PETE & BAS – Mr. Worldwide

Pete & Bas are a British hip hop duo of rap artists aged in their 70s. The duo are based in London, and were formed in 2017. They are notable for the songs "The Old Estate", "Dents in a Peugeot", and their debut single, "Shut Ya Mouth". They released their first single in 2017, after… Continue lendo PETE & BAS – Mr. Worldwide


It's party time get your drugs outDo you wanna make love to a sad old man? Norman Pain Norman and Patrick have made a song. Norman Pain (also known as Ball-Head) is an experimental British rapper, singer, and songwriter from Liverpool, England. Pain is a member of the British hip-hop group The Snooker Team. He gained… Continue lendo THE NORTHERN BOYS – Party Time

Making electronic dance music in 1990 with budget home computer

Here's a look into making electronic dance music using budget home computer. Video courtesy of @debuglive An Amiga 500, Stereo Master and handful of $1 records from a 1990 Sunday market: Can we make a dance track on a budget home computer? Of course! Back when big-name dance tunes required big-budget-gear, a secondhand Amiga… Continue lendo Making electronic dance music in 1990 with budget home computer

DEAD KENNEDYS – Bedtime for Democracy [fvll albvm] (1986)

Bedtime for Democracy (1986) is the fourth and final studio album by American punk rock band Dead Kennedys. The songs on this album cover common punk subjects often found in punk rock lyrics of the era such as conformity, Reaganomics, the U.S. military, and critique of the hardcore punk movement. The album's title refers… Continue lendo DEAD KENNEDYS – Bedtime for Democracy [fvll albvm] (1986)

CYRO BAPTISTA – Live on Programa Instrumental Sesc Brasil

Com discos próprios lançados no exterior, desenvolveu várias parcerias e participações junto a artistas de diversos estilos como Yo-Yo-Ma, John Zorn, Herbie Hancock, Cassandra Wilson, Medeski Martin & Wood, Sting, Paul Simon, Laurie Anderson, Naná Vasconcelos, entre outros. Além disso, foi laureado diversas vezes com prêmios importantes, como por exemplo: Percussionista do ano em 2011… Continue lendo CYRO BAPTISTA – Live on Programa Instrumental Sesc Brasil

DESAGRADÁVEL: GANGRENA GASOSA – Docvmentary (2013) Black Vomit Filmes (English subtitles)

DESAGRADÁVEL narra em detalhes a trajetória da banda mais bizarra do Brasil. A Gangrena Gasosa surgiu no início dos anos 90 no Rio de Janeiro trazendo uma mistura inédita de Metal, Hardcore e Macumba, com direito a figurinos de entidades e despachos reais arremessados contra o público. Relatos de atropelamento de trem, espancamentos, maldições, turnê… Continue lendo DESAGRADÁVEL: GANGRENA GASOSA – Docvmentary (2013) Black Vomit Filmes (English subtitles)

THE CHATS – Pub Feed

"Pub Feed" is taken from The Chats' High Risk Behaviour album (2020). Hanging out, having a punt'Cause my rent's due at the end of the monthGettin' hungry, I'm fangin' a feedSomething greasy, gravy and meat All I want and all I needAll I crave is a good pub feedAll I want and all I… Continue lendo THE CHATS – Pub Feed


The Chats are an Australian punk rock band that formed in 2016 in the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. They describe their sound as "shed rock". The current band lineup is composed of guitarist Josh Hardy, drummer Matt Boggis, and bassist and vocalist Eamon Sandwith. Known for their songs about Australian culture, they initially went viral for… Continue lendo THE CHATS – Smoko

COSTES – Superloser

Jean-Louis Costes (born May 13, 1954) is a French noise musician, performance artist and film actor. Costes has been described as the French version of GG Allin, though unlike Allin's rudimentary brand of hardcore punk, Costes' music is largely synth-driven, relying heavily on looped beats, overmodulated vocals, and random outbursts of screaming and glitch fills.… Continue lendo COSTES – Superloser

CHARLIE BENANTE’S RUN-DMC JAM – DMC, Charlie Benante, Ra Diaz, Rob Caggiano

The "Run-DMC Medley," Featuring Darryl “DMC” McDaniels, Rob Caggiano, Ra Diaz and Benante. I always wanted to do a medley of RUN DMC songs, so back in March I decided to put an arrangement together and asked these amazing people to be a part of it.How can you do a RUN DMC medley without… Continue lendo CHARLIE BENANTE’S RUN-DMC JAM – DMC, Charlie Benante, Ra Diaz, Rob Caggiano