TRACY CHAPMAN – Change (live on the Jay Leno Show) If you knew that you would die todayIf you saw the face of God and LoveWould you change?Would you change?If you knew that love can break your heartWhen you’re down so low you cannot fallWould you change?Would you change? How bad how good does it need to get?How many losses how much regret?What chain … Continuar lendo TRACY CHAPMAN – Change (live on the Jay Leno Show)


DakhaBrakha is a Ukrainian folk quartet which combines the musical styles of several ethnic groups. It was a winner of the Sergey Kuryokhin Prize in 2009. DakhaBrakha is a project of the Dakh Contemporary Arts Center, led by Vladyslav Troitskyi and born as a live theater music crew. Troitskyi continues to be the band's producer. … Continuar lendo DAKHABRAKHA- Live on KEXP

NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS – O Children (live)

Abattoir Blues / The Lyre of Orpheus (2004) é o décimo terceiro álbum de Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds. É um álbum duplo com dezessete faixas, sendo nove no Abattoir Blues e oito no The Lyre of Orpheus. "O Children" é a oitava e última faixa do segundo disco. Pass me that lovely … Continuar lendo NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS – O Children (live)

FERNANDA TAKAI & JOHN ULHOA – Canção pra você viver mais Nunca pensei um dia chegarTe ouvir dizer: não é por malMas vou te fazer chorarHoje vou te fazer chorar Não tenho muito tempoTenho medo de ser um sóTenho medo de ser só umAlguém pra se lembrar Alguém pra se lembrarAlguém pra se lembrar Faz um tempo, eu quisFazer uma canção pra você viver maisFaz … Continuar lendo FERNANDA TAKAI & JOHN ULHOA – Canção pra você viver mais

Miserere mei, Deus – TENEBRAE (conducted by Nigel Short)

Miserere (full title: Miserere mei, Deus, Latin for "Have mercy on me, O God") is a setting of Psalm 51 by Italian composer Gregorio Allegri. It was composed during the reign of Pope Urban VIII, probably during the 1630s, for the exclusive use of the Sistine Chapel during the Tenebrae services of Holy Week, and … Continuar lendo Miserere mei, Deus – TENEBRAE (conducted by Nigel Short)


From UNIKO, live at Helsinki festival september 2004 Kimmo Pohjonen official website: Kronos Quartet official website: TrackList atmos (kosminen)utu (pohjonen)liuos (pohjonen)plasma (pohjonen/kosminen)sarma (pohjonen/kosminen)kalma (pohjonen/kosminen)emo (pohjonen/kosminen)kamala (pohjonen/kosminen)avara (pohjonen/kosminen) America's most adventurous string ensemble, Kronos Quartet and Finland's groundbreaking accordion / sampling duo Kimmo Pohjonen Kluster present their concert collaboration project, Uniko. Seeds for the project … Continuar lendo Emo (part1) – KIMMO POHJONEN & KRONOS QUARTET

APOLLO’S FIRE – Santa Maria, Strela do Dia (Cantiga Medieval)

Apollo's Fire, The Cleveland Baroque Orchestra is a popular and critically acclaimed period-instrument ensemble specializing in early music (Renaissance, Baroque and early Classical) based in Cleveland, Ohio. The GRAMMY-winning ensemble unites a select pool of early music specialists from throughout North America and Europe. Under the direction of Artistic Director Jeannette Sorrell, the ensemble has been noted internationally for creative and innovative … Continuar lendo APOLLO’S FIRE – Santa Maria, Strela do Dia (Cantiga Medieval)

JESSIKA KENNEY & EYVIND KANG – Aestuarium (2005)

Aestuarium is a meditation on a psalm of lamentation and the unary tone in the metaphor of salt and fresh water, inspired by Gaelic psalmery, Tibetan notational gestures, and the microtonality of the tetrachord. Recorded on the shore of Colvos Passage in 2005 by renowned engineer Mell Dettmer. Stephen O'Malley comments: "Amongst many other amazing … Continuar lendo JESSIKA KENNEY & EYVIND KANG – Aestuarium (2005)

STEVIE WISHART – Vespers for St. Hildegard

STEVIE WISHART : VESPERS FOR ST HILDEGARDPerformed by Sinfonye, composed and directed by Stevie Wishart Choir (S,A,T,B), soloists (S,A,T), hand-bells, carillon, percussion, harp and organCommissioned by Decca and the York Early Music FestivalAlso available, version for SATB choir and organ Stevie Wishart ©2012


O viridissima virga by Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179) Performed by Allison Mondel, soprano, Gothic harp, and director Excerpt from "Beguiled". Performed and recorded live at St. Thomas' Parish, Washington, DC, November 20, 2020. - Eya: Ensemble for Medieval Music O viridissima virga,ave, que in ventoso flabro sciscitationissanctorum prodisti. Cum venit tempusquod tu floruisti in … Continuar lendo HILDEGARD VON BINGEN: O Viridissima Virga