SINÉAD O’CONNOR – Nothing Compares 2 U (live)

MUCH LOVE It’s been seven hours and 15 daysSince you took your love awayI go out every night and sleep all daySince you took your love awaySince you been gone, I can do whatever I wantI can see whomever I chooseI can eat my dinner in a fancy restaurantBut nothingI said nothing can take… Continue lendo SINÉAD O’CONNOR – Nothing Compares 2 U (live)

ROX – No Going Back

Roxanne Tataei, also known by the stage name Rox, is an English singer-songwriter from South London. Tataei's musical influences include Lauryn Hill, Joni Mitchell, Sade, Mary J. Blige and Alanis Morissette. Oh mmmm mmmmEvery thinkin how I got in this placeAll this drinking has left me a sour tasteAnd my old flame is lying right next to meLike the goodness… Continue lendo ROX – No Going Back

IRMA THOMAS – Anyone Who Knows What Love Is (Black Mirror ST) AnyoneAnyoneAnyoneAnyone You can blame meTry to shame meAnd still I'll care for you You can run aroundEven put me downStill I'll be there for you The worldMay think I'm foolishThey can't see youLike I can Oh but anyoneWho knows what love isWill understand AnyoneAnyoneAnyoneI just feel so sorry (anyone)For the onesWho pity me'… Continue lendo IRMA THOMAS – Anyone Who Knows What Love Is (Black Mirror ST)

CASTELLO BRANCO – Anú / O Peso Do Meu Coração

Fica mais leve / O peso do meu coraçãoCASTELLO BRANCO Mayo 2015, desde São Paulo, Brasil. Sesión Realizada Por Cristóbal De La Cuadra para SesionesFilm (2015). Dirección Y Producción : Cristóbal De La Cuadra Você não éQuem você pensa que éVocê não temQuem você pensa que tem Pra entender o amorFaça um trato com… Continue lendo CASTELLO BRANCO – Anú / O Peso Do Meu Coração

ABEER NEHME &MEHDI AMINIAN – Aramaic & Sufi Dialogue (Full Concert)

Aramaic and Sufi experience Abeer Nehme (Arabic: عبير نعمة‎; born 19 May 1980) is a Lebanese singer and a musicologist. She performs traditional Tarab music, Lebanese traditional music, Rahbani music, and sacred music from the Syriac-Maronite, Syriac-Orthodox, and Byzantine traditions. This project aims at showing the richness of our heritage and promoting dialogue among… Continue lendo ABEER NEHME &MEHDI AMINIAN – Aramaic & Sufi Dialogue (Full Concert)

PULP – Bar Italia

From the Different Class album (1995) Now, if you can standI would like to take you by the hand, yeahAnd go for a walkPast people as they go to work Let's get out of this place before they tell us that we've just diedOh, move, move quick, you've gotta moveCome on it's through, come… Continue lendo PULP – Bar Italia

TRACY CHAPMAN – Change (live on the Jay Leno Show) If you knew that you would die todayIf you saw the face of God and LoveWould you change?Would you change?If you knew that love can break your heartWhen you’re down so low you cannot fallWould you change?Would you change? How bad how good does it need to get?How many losses how much regret?What chain… Continue lendo TRACY CHAPMAN – Change (live on the Jay Leno Show)


DakhaBrakha is a Ukrainian folk quartet which combines the musical styles of several ethnic groups. It was a winner of the Sergey Kuryokhin Prize in 2009. DakhaBrakha is a project of the Dakh Contemporary Arts Center, led by Vladyslav Troitskyi and born as a live theater music crew. Troitskyi continues to be the band's producer.… Continue lendo DAKHABRAKHA- Live on KEXP

NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS – O Children (live)

Abattoir Blues / The Lyre of Orpheus (2004) é o décimo terceiro álbum de Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds. É um álbum duplo com dezessete faixas, sendo nove no Abattoir Blues e oito no The Lyre of Orpheus. "O Children" é a oitava e última faixa do segundo disco. Pass me that lovely… Continue lendo NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS – O Children (live)

FERNANDA TAKAI & JOHN ULHOA – Canção pra você viver mais Nunca pensei um dia chegarTe ouvir dizer: não é por malMas vou te fazer chorarHoje vou te fazer chorar Não tenho muito tempoTenho medo de ser um sóTenho medo de ser só umAlguém pra se lembrar Alguém pra se lembrarAlguém pra se lembrar Faz um tempo, eu quisFazer uma canção pra você viver maisFaz… Continue lendo FERNANDA TAKAI & JOHN ULHOA – Canção pra você viver mais