SUZANNE VEGA: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert In pop-music circles, Suzanne Vega is known almost entirely for two songs from the late 1980s: the child-abuse ballad "Luka" and a song that launched literally dozens of dance remixes, "Tom's Diner." But Vega has been making vital, inventive music the entire time — much of it folk-based, though her sound has taken many … Continuar lendo SUZANNE VEGA: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert


Alguns nascem com duas cabeças. Outros com dois corações, com o órgão vital (e musical) em duplicidade. Este nasceu com um saxofone grudado no corpo, como se fosse sua extensão natural... Descanse em sax, señor Eulalio Cervantes! Luz, roja es la luzLuz de neón que anuncia el lugarBaile kumbala barY adentro la noche es … Continuar lendo Kumbala (en vivo) – MALDITA VECINDAD & LOS HIJOS QUINTO PATIO


"There's one perfect fit / And sugar, this one is it..." (Peaches & Herb) Reunited is a hit song for R&B vocal duo Peaches & Herb. As the second single release from their album, 2 Hot (1978), the song was a huge crossover smash, topping both the pop and soul charts. It spent four weeks … Continuar lendo Reunited – FAITH NO MORE / PEACHES & HERB

Matador (live) – FAITH NO MORE

Faith No More performing "Matador", from their reunion album Sol Invictus (2015), live at the Pinkpop Festival, Netherlands, 2015. When your soul stood over meA future shadowHe boasted and sang to meFarewell, so longI'll awake you from this living sleepWe'll walk the shore, where you were bornIn bed with mePull the white sheet off … Continuar lendo Matador (live) – FAITH NO MORE

Take This Bottle [studio/live] – FAITH NO MORE I can wait to love in heavenI can wait for youFar away, I'll treat you betterBetter than down here Cuz I've done wrongAnd I'm a little afraidAnd I ain't too strongAnd this ain't easy to say: Take this bottleTake this bottleAnd just walk away - the both of youAnd let me feel the pain … Continuar lendo Take This Bottle [studio/live] – FAITH NO MORE


The dove is never freeRing the bells that still can ringForget your perfect offeringThere is a crack, a crack in everythingThat's how the light gets inLeonard COHEN The birds they sangAt the break of dayStart againI heard them sayDon't dwell on what has passed awayOr what is yet to beAh, the wars they will … Continuar lendo Anthem – JULIE CHRISTENSEN & PERLA BATALLA

Sien Drahmas Al Dia – YAMMA ENSEMBLE Yamma Ensemble - Global Hebrew & Jewish music: traditional & originalPurchase albums, music sheets -​Support -​FB -​Visit Yamma -​Spotify -​… מתוך האלבום ״טנא מלא כוכבים״, אנסמבל יאמה 2017From album "Basket full of stars" 2020 Sien Drahmas Al Dia - a handred drahmas for a day | Mansevo Dobro - … Continuar lendo Sien Drahmas Al Dia – YAMMA ENSEMBLE

Famous Blue Raincoat – THE HANDSOME FAMILY

Husband-and-wife duo Brett Sparks (vocals, guitar, keyboards) and Rennie Sparks (bass, banjo, vocals) formed the band in 1993, along with drummer Mike Werner. The band would later revolve around Rennie, who writes the lyrics, and Brett, who writes the music. Guest musicians complete the band line-up for recordings and live work. Regarding the band name, … Continuar lendo Famous Blue Raincoat – THE HANDSOME FAMILY

Chelsea Hotel No. 2 – RUFUS WAINWRIGHT

Leonard Cohen pela voz envolvente e encantadora de Rufus Wainwright. Do DVD em tributo ao mestre, I'm Your Man. I remember you well in the Chelsea HotelYou were talkin' so brave and so sweetGivin' me head on the unmade bedWhile the limousines wait in the street Those were the reason an' that was New … Continuar lendo Chelsea Hotel No. 2 – RUFUS WAINWRIGHT


Adorável versão country (com o andamento mais acelerado em comparação à canção original), com um coro soul feminino, por Teddy Thompson, da visionária canção "The Future", de Leonard Cohen. Alguns covers resultam surpreendentemente felizes quando deslocados de um gênero musical a outro. Da coletânea ao vivo (CD/DVD) em tributo ao mestre, com a participação de … Continuar lendo The Future – TEDDY THOMPSON