Happy Misery – BILLY NOMATES

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Tc9gWg3mlY {Verse 1}Ah fuck it I quit the futureImmʼa live in the pastWhat’s it to ya?Things where betterI was youngerA little thinner'Cause I has hungerSilver platter futureYou have spoiled your youthThey have debilitating choiceThey got a megaphone for their unheard voice {Chorus}Back in my day I had nothingWe lived in Happy MiseryWe lived in Happy … Continuar lendo Happy Misery – BILLY NOMATES

Escape Artist – BILLY NOMATES

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRsW3VBGOZo {Verse 1}Train ride is ugly Iʼm feelin nothingYeah you're a pro 'cause it doesnʼt drag you round by your earsLike it does meTell you Iʼm envious of that ass kissing stamina of yoursWell I canʼt keep upBy Monday eveninʼ Iʼm on all fours {Chorus}Half dead by a Wednesday afternoonNothing remarkable says youNothing remarkable says … Continuar lendo Escape Artist – BILLY NOMATES

Historia del mundo contada por las computadoras – HIDROGENESSE

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkJH743gGBc&fbclid=IwAR2gFfrGYfNiD4NgM-u0Kct4uai9CSfDyNLyK8pVR5hU9joYd9V_v2i9yq4 un ingeniero inglesde vacaciones en franciadespues de waterloodescubre los telaresmecanismos programablese imagina hilos de operacionescalculadas en patrones bordadospor maquinasdespues de waterloo el gobierno ingles queria controlarlas nuevas ciudades industrializadas.manchester, leeds y birminghammoria mas gente de la que naciael imperio demandaba maquinas de vaporcapaces de censar a toda la poblaciony calcular los riesgos y las … Continuar lendo Historia del mundo contada por las computadoras – HIDROGENESSE

Noir Désir – VIVE LA FÊTE

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uHmvSEGYP2k Je veux être seuleReste-la, toi, ta gueuleJe ne peux pas me calmerLaisse-moi t'embêter J'ai trop des tristes penséesPour ça je veux crierJe ne suis pas contenteFurieuse comme une enfant C'est la manieC'est la manie Je ne suis pas genéeJ'ai un esprit troubléDonne-moi un peu de tempsÇa passera par le vent Je veux être seuleReste-la, … Continuar lendo Noir Désir – VIVE LA FÊTE

If I Only Had a Brain – MC 900 FT. JESUS

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9eqtwjgvNGc Suppose I accidentally got my shit togetherWould I get a medal?Or a pat on the back and a little featherI could stick in my cap or pin it to my shirtGo out in the yard and poke it in the dirtOr leave it in the woods where it couldn't be foundIf it fell over, … Continuar lendo If I Only Had a Brain – MC 900 FT. JESUS

I Still Believe – TIM CAPPELLO

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PdaaGlyu7EQ I been in a caveForty daysOnly a sparkTo light my way I wanna give outI wanna give inThis is our crimeThis is our sin But I still believeI still believeThrough the painAnd through the grief Through the liesThrough the stormsThrough the criesAnd through the wars Oh, I still believe I still believe Flat on … Continuar lendo I Still Believe – TIM CAPPELLO

Stigmata – MINISTRY

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qxaPj19VnRA Stronger than reasonStronger than liesThe only truth I knowIs the look in your eyes... The look in your eyesJust like a car crashJust like a knifeMy favorite weaponIs the look in your eyesYou've run out of liesYou've run out of liesYou've run out of liesYou've run out of liesYou've run out of liesYou've run … Continuar lendo Stigmata – MINISTRY


Lyrical-existential poet, working class hero, self-imposing DIY artist, authentically punk, amazing female singer with a manish name, my current obsession: Billy Nomates. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rn6iJC_YZK8 {Verse 1}Clean up in aisle sevenBarryʼs spilt his guts out againHeʼs all over the cerealAnd people are starting to complainWell he might not never of wanted this lifeAnd we took him off … Continuar lendo Supermarket sweep – BILLY NOMATES & SLEAFORD MODS


What's gotten into Danny Elfman? Reminds me of Scott Walker. And Cardiacs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jjUjrE19eyw I’m so happy— Happy!I’m so happy— Happy!I’m so happy— Happy! Everything is crumbling (crumbling,crumbling)Everything is crumbling (crumbling,crumbling)Everything is crumbling (crumbling,crumbling) Happy! - Happy! - Happy! - Happy! - Happy! - Happy! - ——————————————— Choose your Poison - Poison!Choose your Poison - Poison!Choose … Continuar lendo Happy – DANNY ELFMAN