Shortcummings – SLEAFORD MODS

From the album 'Spare Ribs', out 15 January 2021 on Rough Trade Records. The arrogance of the privileged generally leads to short, short short, short, short cummings in a momentary centre stage at the cost of untold human misery and exploitation of public money. Directed by Ian Tatham/ Sonder Design You have the vision … Continuar lendo Shortcummings – SLEAFORD MODS

Tom’s Diner – SUZANNE VEGA Doo, doo, doo, doo, doo, doodoo, dooDoo, doo, doo, doo, doo, duhdoodooI am sitting in the morningAt the diner on the cornerI am waiting at the counterFor the man to pour the coffeeAnd he fills it only halfwayAnd before I even argueHe is looking out the windowAt somebody coming inDoo, doo, doo, doo, doo, … Continuar lendo Tom’s Diner – SUZANNE VEGA

Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) – C&C MUSIC FACTORY Come on let's sweat, babyLet the music take controlLet the rhythm move youSweat, sweat Let the music take controlLet the rhythm move youEverybody dance nowTu-ru-tuEverybody dance now!Pa-ra-pa-pamEverybody dance now!

Devotional – DEPECHE MODE

Regardless of the genre, some artists are able to achieve perfection in the state of their art (studio recording and live). Devotional - A Performance Filmed by Anton Corbijn es un lanzamiento en video de Depeche Mode , que presenta casi un concierto completo de su Devotional Tour de 1993, filmado en Barcelona, ​​España … Continuar lendo Devotional – DEPECHE MODE

Just an Illusion – IMAGINATION

Imagination was a British trio consisting of singer/keyboardplayer Leee John, guitarist/bassist Ashley Ingram and drummer Errol Kennedy. This was their 4th single and biggest hit in 1982, reaching #2 in the British charts, #7 in the German and #8 in the Dutch charts. The fantastic bassline is much imitated! Searching for a destiny that's … Continuar lendo Just an Illusion – IMAGINATION


Lyrical-existential poet, working class hero, self-imposing DIY artist, authentically punk, amazing female singer with a manish name, my current obsession: Billy Nomates. {Verse 1}Clean up in aisle sevenBarryʼs spilt his guts out againHeʼs all over the cerealAnd people are starting to complainWell he might not never of wanted this lifeAnd we took him off … Continuar lendo Supermarket sweep – BILLY NOMATES & SLEAFORD MODS

DELICATE STEVE: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert Bob Boilen | March 24, 2017 — You need only watch Steve Marion's face. This fierce and lyrical guitar player, who performs as Delicate Steve, writes playful instrumental music led by hooky vocals — but there is no voice. His electric guitar is often played with a glass slide, mimicking a human being and … Continuar lendo DELICATE STEVE: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

Freedom – DELICATE STEVE Listen to the full album:"Freedom" by Delicate Steve from the album 'Till I Burn Up,' available nowOrder at Official Site: