MERZBOW – Boiler Room Tokyo | Fvll Set | Noise mvsic

"This is our experience in music: we must first learn in general to hear fully, and to distinguish a theme or melody, we have to isolate and limit it as a life by itself; then we need to exercise effort and good will in order to endure it in spite of its strangeness we need… Continue lendo MERZBOW – Boiler Room Tokyo | Fvll Set | Noise mvsic


RAGGA BOMBS – Special Mix Vol. 15 (Mixed By Caloosh)

Caloosh from Czech Republic brings new special mix "Ragga Bombs Vol.15" ◌ 01. Brian Brainstorm - Judgement (D&B Mix)◌ 02. Brian Brainstorm & Caloosh - Another Innocent Life◌ 03. Dub Pistols feat. Seanie T - Pistoleros◌ 04. Crash Party - Nitty Gritty (VIP Junglist Mix)◌ 05. Akas, Mc Spyda - Rise Again◌ 06. Deekline,… Continue lendo RAGGA BOMBS – Special Mix Vol. 15 (Mixed By Caloosh)

Jungle / Drvm & Bass 2023 | Tomato 🇸🇰

Drum & Bass music from Slovakia 💚💛❤️ TRACK LIST: 00:00 - 02:48 - Dapz, Opius - After Laughter Comes Tears (Original Mix) 02:48 - 06:05 - Ragga Twins, Full Kontakt, Vegas BCUK - Toppa Top (Original Mix) 06:05 - 08:10 - Earl 16, Jamie Bostron, Mikkim - Get Up Stand Up (Original Mix) 08:10… Continue lendo Jungle / Drvm & Bass 2023 | Tomato 🇸🇰

THE TOYES – Smoke Two Joints (Kenna Bootleg) | DnB remix

“Smoke Two Joints” is a song originally written by The Toyes, who performed it in traditional reggae style and released it in 1983. According to The Toyes, “one fine fall day on a small island” of Oahu in Hawaii, two of the band members, Mawg and Sky, were sitting under a large banyan tree on… Continue lendo THE TOYES – Smoke Two Joints (Kenna Bootleg) | DnB remix


Fuck Putin and all the warlords. Pussy Riot is a Russian feminist protest and performance art group based in Moscow that became popular for its provocative punk rock music which later turned into a more accessible style. Founded in August 2011, it has had a membership of approximately 11 women. The group staged unauthorized, provocative… Continue lendo PUSSY RIOT – ЯДЕРНАЯ ЗИМА / Nuclear Winter

PET SHOP BOYS – Go West (Blade Plugin Test Mix) | Official BladeMixes

From Pet Shop Boys' album Very (1993) Come on, come on, come on, come on(Together) we will go our way(Together) we will leave someday(Together) your hand in my hands(Together) we will make our plans(Together) we will fly so high(Together) tell all our friends goodbye(Together) we will start life new(Together) this is what we'll dolife… Continue lendo PET SHOP BOYS – Go West (Blade Plugin Test Mix) | Official BladeMixes

CERRONE – A Part of You (2023)

Marc Cerrone (born 24 May 1952) is a French disco drummer, composer, record producer and creator of concert shows. Cerrone is a producer of 1970s and 1980s disco songs. He has sold over 30 million albums worldwide, including over four million copies in France, and eight million copies of Supernature. The single "Love in… Continue lendo CERRONE – A Part of You (2023)

BUTTHOLE SURFERS – Who Was In My Room Last Night (Trent Reznor remix)

“Who Was in My Room Last Night?” is the opening track from American rock band Butthole Surfers’ sixth album, Independent Worm Saloon (1993). A remixed version, known as the “Tate or Tot Mix” was released on the CD magazine volume eight. The music video features Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Butthole Surfers is an American… Continue lendo BUTTHOLE SURFERS – Who Was In My Room Last Night (Trent Reznor remix)

SNAP! – The Power (1990)

"The Power" is a song by German Eurodance group Snap! as their debut single. It was released on 3 January 1990 as the lead single from their debut studio album, World Power (1990). The song reached number one in Greece, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, the UK and Zimbabwe, as well as on the US Billboard… Continue lendo SNAP! – The Power (1990)

SNAP! – Rhythm Is A Dancer (1992)

"Rhythm Is a Dancer" is a song by German Eurodance group Snap!, released in March 1992 as the second single from their second studio album, The Madman's Return (1992). It features vocals by American singer Thea Austin. The song is written by Benito Benites, John "Virgo" Garrett III (aliases for German producers Michael Münzing and… Continue lendo SNAP! – Rhythm Is A Dancer (1992)