SKARRA MUCCI – After Laughter (Comes Tears) | Riddim 2010 (Weedy G Soundforce)

Skarra Mucci now known and hailed as the hottest live dancehall artist in Europe. After a string of recording, featuring and dub plates on the local and international scene and charts, he is ready to take over. Skarra Mucci is a Jamaican born artist, known as one of the most versatile singers of his generation.… Continue lendo SKARRA MUCCI – After Laughter (Comes Tears) | Riddim 2010 (Weedy G Soundforce)

MINISTRY – Let’s Go (La Fin Du Monde Mix)

From The Last Dubber album (2009) Let's go to the edge of disasterPush the pedal and go a little fasterLet's slam into a wall at ramming speedLet's go to the edge of a mountainJump off and lets start countin'Hit the ground and tell me if it bleedsLet's go insaneLet's go insaneLet's go to the… Continue lendo MINISTRY – Let’s Go (La Fin Du Monde Mix)

Tom’s Diner – GIORGIO MORODER & BRITNEY SPEARS Lyric video for Giorgio Moroder feat. Britney Spears - "Tom's Diner" Thank youThanksThanks for coming outI appreciate it. So you know why we're here, right?We're celebrating the 25th anniversary of the release of Solitude StandingThis solemn occasion to sing the whole album from beginning to the endSomething that isThank youWe hardly ever do that… Continue lendo Tom’s Diner – GIORGIO MORODER & BRITNEY SPEARS

This Is Hardcore (End Of The Line Remix) – PULP

A beautifullly orchestrated, instrumental version of Pulp's This is hardcore. No lyrics at all, still pretty much hardcore. This Is Hardcore (End Of The Line Remix) · Pulp This Is Hardcore ℗ 1998 Island Records, a division of Universal Music Operations LimitedReleased on: 1998-03-30 Producer: Chris ThomasStudio Personnel, Remixer: PulpComposer Lyricist: Nick BanksComposer Lyricist:… Continue lendo This Is Hardcore (End Of The Line Remix) – PULP

MUSICA PRACTICA *Geek Pack One*​: Halloween

MUSICA PRACTICA *Geek Pack One*: Bereshith by Secret Chiefs 3 Warm greetings to the curious listener, Trey Spruance writing here.Thanks for all the positive feedback for this idea! Here we are with the first Geek Pack, thanks to you! First off, for those who are curious about this (but not THAT curious!) I've enabled public… Continue lendo MUSICA PRACTICA *Geek Pack One*​: Halloween

I Can’t See Nobody (Daniel Y rmx) – NINA SIMONE I walk the lonely streetsI watch the people passing byI used to smile and say helloGuess I was just a happy guyThen you happened, girl, this feeling that posesses meI just can't move myselfI guess it all just had to beI can't see nobody…no, I can't see nobodyMine eyes can only look at you…youI… Continue lendo I Can’t See Nobody (Daniel Y rmx) – NINA SIMONE

Do interior – Castello Branco (Holger Hecler remix) Esse amor e manto salvador Nesse canto e manto salvador Vem de olhar o próximo Esse afeto e manto salvador Nesse gesto e manto salvador Vem de olhar o próximo Coisa do interior Avistei o sol subindo o vale E corri danado em teu carinho Num peito que abre, tudo cabe Natureza, ginga do… Continue lendo Do interior – Castello Branco (Holger Hecler remix)