The Kids Aren’t Alright – THE OFFSPRING When we were young the future was so brightThe old neighborhood was so aliveAnd every kid on the whole damn streetWas gonna make it big and not be beatNow the neighborhood's cracked and tornThe kids are grown up but their lives are wornHow can one little streetSwallow so many livesChances thrownNothing's freeLonging for what … Continuar lendo The Kids Aren’t Alright – THE OFFSPRING

Quarantined – At the Drive-In autonomous machete for hands warden and judge hide behind masks wet raindrop lull small rationing exhumed the rhetoric of break the weak in single file sanction this outbreak- a virus conspires push becomes shove, days become months i seem to have forgotten the warmth of the sun feeding frenzy, it's contagious have trigger, will … Continuar lendo Quarantined – At the Drive-In

Million Days – DAG NASTY Look in the mirror Who's staring at me Reflections showing everything but the pain that's underneath I turn around and walk away but the images stay in my mind Wish I could see things clearly Wish I could see through all this doubt And if I had a million days Would I find what … Continuar lendo Million Days – DAG NASTY